Thursday, July 23, 2015

Kiss Dry Lips Goodbye!

My lips get super-dry in summer.  I always use a sunscreen on them, but I still end up with lizard lips.  I was looking for a good lip moisturizer and I found Vapour Organic Beauty Lux Organic Lip Conditioner.  

Lux is the pure prescription for healthy lips. This luxurious formula glides on like a dream to restore vital nutrients and protect lips from moisture loss and environmental stress.Lips need moisture and purity above all else and Lux delivers. Jojoba oil nourishes and regenerates tired lips and restores a supple youthful appearance. Lux’s lip-specific infusion contains antioxidant Helichrysum Flower, restorative Lemon Balm, and calming Calendula Flower.
  • Heavenly, creamy, emollient texture
  • Naturally long-wearing
  • Light bright fruit flavor
  • Synergistic botanical blend soothes and protects the delicate lip are

It really moisturizes and it also smells wonderful.  It is extremely light feeling when it goes on, but I can wake up with it still on in the morning.  That is powerful stuff if you ask me.  Kiss those dry lips goodbye and pop this in your purse.  Your lips will thank you.

Bronzed and glowing

I have been a huge fan of Vapour Beauty for a long time.  I am in love with the scent of their products, as well as the performance.  I carry more than one Vapour Beauty  item with me at all times.  As you may have noticed, I am kind of addicted to bronzers.  I love the way that they make me look like I actually slept and I love how I can avoid the sun and wear tons of sunscreen and still look sun-kissed (win/win).

The Solar Translucent Bronzer is a great product to have on hand.  It is definitely buildable, subtle color (no Cheeto look here), but it does the trick.  I find that the color Simmer is perfect for me.  It is dark enough to notice, while still being light enough for me to not make a mistake in the bleary morning hours.
Solar is no ordinary bronzer — it offers sexy sun–free color with environmental antioxidant protection. Never streaky, orange or fake. It’s another Vapour stand–out for fresh-from-the-beach glamour.Solar is made with 70% organic ingredients and 30% natural mineral pigments. Solar is infused with sun-specific super antioxidants Pomegranate, Green Tea and Acai Berry, and nourishes skin with calming Calendula Flower and vitamin-rich Shea Butter.
  • Beautifully blendable
  • Never orange, streaky or fake
  • Not just for the face — use on shoulders, décolletage, legs
  • A light touch achieves a healthy glow
  • Apply more and blend for a dramatic sun-kissed look
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Will not clog pores
  • Quick and easy stick application
  • No tools needed
  • Travels easily, especially in airports

I have this in my bag for whenever I need a little glow.

Another new favorite for me is the Siren Lipstick in Tempt. Tempt is a classic medium mauve, and 100% of the proceeds go to protect wild pollinators from harmful pesticides.  I love the scent of the Siren Lipsticks (fruity, yet not overpowering), and I adore the formula.  Beauty editors go crazy for this lipstick.
Siren is made with 70% organic ingredients and 30% natural mineral pigments. Siren is designed to protect lips from moisture loss and environmental assault. Siren’s botanical infusion contains nourishing Myrrh, calming Rose Buds, restorative Lemon Balm, antioxidant Pomegranate, hydrating Jojoba Oil and essential fatty acid-rich Camelina Oil. 
Siren is a long wearing lipstick and lip conditioner in one amazing chemical free formula.Cosmetic Features

  • Naturally long wearing
  • Superior texture, never sticky or dry
  • Palette flatters all skin tones
  • Wear Siren alone or layer with Elixir gloss
Skin Benefits
  • Revitalizes and moisturizes with organic emollients and antioxidants
  • Proprietary formula moisturizes while allowing skin to breathe
Organic Purity
  • Revolutionary non-petroleum, chemical-free formula
  • No chemicals to ingest by mouth or through the skin

This is an everyday, perfect color that any gal would adore.   Summer has never looked so beautiful!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Because I'm Happy

I have been searching for what feels like years for a certain cheek color.  Other cheek colors have promised, but never delivered this much-coveted color.  I have pinned image after image, and still my search was fruitless.  I have this one picture (seen below) from a Temperley Fashion show (please don't sue me anyone, I found this image on Pinterest), and I was dying to replicate this cheek look.  Think fresh English rose.

I wanted a pink that would work on my skin tone.  I finally found that pink.  It is the new Kjaer Weis Cream Blush in Happy. This is touted as their most pigmented blush yet.  Creator Kristin Kjaer Weis named it "Happy" because those who saw it felt just that way..."HAPPY."  It can worn on both lips and cheeks and it truly brightens up your whole face.   I am in love with this rich pink color.

I will admit, the first time I saw Kjaer Weis Cream Blush in Happy,  I thought "holy brightness, this will never work for me."  Thank goodness, I was so very wrong.  It gives me the perfect, and I mean perfect flush.  The swatch on the left is blended, while the right swatch is heavier to show you how gorgeous this color is.  I am kind of obsessed.  I use this more than any of my other colors at the moment.  It screams fresh-faced and I love it.  I imagine this would work on most skin tones.  Innamorato (in love)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Craft Camp

Caught inside with the kids?  Ready to pull out your hair if you hear one more "I'm bored!"?  Well I have just the thing for you.  Craft Camp by Lark Crafts is chock-full of ideas to keep the littles creating and occupied.

When school's out, it's time for camp—craft camp! Kids (and their parents) will love these 40 projects that include simple beading, sewing, felting, bookmaking, and so much more. Create colorful piñatas, eco-friendly mobiles, and up-cycled necklaces, hats, and T-shirts. Boys and girls, and children from 6 to 12, will all find something fun to do! Lots of helpful photographs, and how-to illustrations when needed, explain all the techniques in an easy-to-follow way. 

In fact, today we opted for the crayon stained glass.  Tomorrow we plan on making clay robots as paper clip toppers and pencil toppers.

I am so psyched to also make Milk Carton houses with tea lights.  Summer can be fun, even if you are caught indoors.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hopeless Wanderer

My mom used to call me her traveler.  I am more home-based now, but I still love an adventure and I have a whole Pinterest board where I dream about all of the places I will go. (Notice I don't say want, but will).  You could say I have a bit of wanderlust in me.  Red Flower  has an entire collection called Wanderlust that I cannot get enough of.  Wanderlust:

notes of aged paper, the smell of old books, indelible as the stories themselves.and glimpses of nature that grow between the cracks, of rare barks, white woods, wild grass and warm earthy resins. a space of comforting warmth amidst a snow covered skyline and the clean freshness of hinoki wood.

I have the Cleansing Hair Wash and the  Softening Hair Conditioner.  I had samples and after one washing I had to have full-sized.  The Cleansing Hair Wash effectively cleans hair, while leaving it smelling so wonderful!

turn ritual into release with red flower cleansing hair washes. the combination of coconut oil-vegetable glycerin, panthenol pro-vitamin B5, castor seed oil, whole essential oils leave the hair clean, lustrous and freshly scented. the uniquely high fatty acid content in coconut glycerin and castor seed oil work to attract and retain moisturize while preventing split ends, hair loss and dryness. panthenol pro-vitamin b5 adds lasting shine and protection. excellent for all hair types including color-treated hair.

The  Softening Hair Conditioner is like a drink for my hair.  I am naturally wavy/curly and I can use this and go without any product needed and my curls are soft, manageable and amazing.  This conditioner:
enhances shine and strengthens the hair, leaving it with lasting moisture. packed with vitamin b5 to prevent breakage, detangle and thicken strands. rich fatty acids from castor seeds and coconut glycerin restore shiny resilience, smooth ends and protect. whole essential oils soothe and balance, leaving hair soft and manageable, delicately scented. active ingredients: coconut oil-vegetable glycerin, olive oil, panthenol pro-vitamin B5, castor seed oil, whole essential oils.

To say I love the scent would be a great understatement.  I am infatuated with it. It makes me feel like I am walking through a glade with huge waterfalls and rich,fertile, moist earth.  Think after a summer rain storm.  This is truly the capturing of the smell and feel of Wanderlust.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Kjaer Weis Summer Fever

When you love a brand like Kjaer Weis, whenever they come out with a new product, it has that Christmas-morning feel to it.  The new Dazzling Bronzer is no exception.

“Dazzling is that perfect combination of bronzer and contour cream in one.” – Kirsten Kjaer Weis– This combination gives you that perfect back from vacation glow– Perfect bronzer for lighter skin tones-beautiful highlighter for darker skin tones– Can be used to add natural contour

It shows up sheer enough that you can easily use it to contour, but an extra layer makes it easy to give you a sun-kissed glow without the harmful rays.  In a word this is perfection.  This is a product launch that is worth all of the hype and is sure to become a beauty editor favorite.  

Another new addition to the line has become my favorite lid color for the past few weeks.  The new Grace Eye shadow.  When I first received it, I was skeptical that I could pull this off.  I thought maybe I would only use it as a crease color, but one application on my lid, and I was hooked.  It made my blue eyes pop.  It is a subtle, yet beautiful color that is totally wearable.

“As a makeup artist, this is a color I reach for again and again. I recommend it for its versatility and wearability.” – Kirsten Kjaer Weis– A luscious, light mocha color with a semi-matte finish– Wear alone or layer with other shadows to achieve depth and definition– Smooth, silky application thanks to ingredients such as bamboo

These are new additions that I not only love, but that I foresee needing refills of sometime very soon.  

Friday, June 26, 2015

Red Flower Nature Collection

I have brought you to the Hammam and to Japan with Red Flower.  Now, I am honored to review the fabulous collection inspired by Nature.  This line is like stepping into your dream Nordic landscape.

experience a rush of wellness, drawing life and replenishment from nature. awaken the skin with the bounty of antioxidant rich berries bursting with omega 3’s and 6’s, arctic white peat high in fatty acids and phyto-nutrients, collagen-boosting certified organic mushrooms, and pure plant hydrosols sourced directly from finland’s phyto-power filled summers of sunlight. a fresh, pure preparation of potent organic ingredients creates a toxin-free solution to restore aging skin to optimal health.

The line is 100% botanical and is a real breath of fresh air.  I got to review the Nature Radiant Set.

radiant skin set includes: active organic milk forest purifier (32.5 ml), bioactive berry white peat exfoliant (50 gr.), lymphatic phytopower sea cleanser and masque (32.5 ml),ionizing vita toning flower mist (8.9 ml), essential omega fresh berry-oil serum (8.9 ml) and arctic berry cloud milk cream (50 gr.) 

I fell instantly in love with the products.  I am especially obsessed with the Ionizing Vita Toning Flower Mist (which balances my skin) and the Bioactive Berry White Peat Exfoliant (smells amazing and keeps my skin so soft!), but my favorite is the Artic Berry Cloud Milk Cream.   The Artic Berry Cloud Milk Cream is gentle enough for use on both face and body and I cannot get enough of the fresh, yet sweet scent.  I may be getting older, but my skin has never looked so good.

Friday, June 19, 2015


Most kids love to build and create.  Anything that makes them use their imagination is always a plus in my book.  That is why I love Geomag!

Geomag COLOR represents the original 'classic' Geomag product with magnetic rods and nonmagnetic steel spheres that combine to create an unlimited number of structures. Thanks to the new platforms you can create even bigger and more stable constructions in many different and bright colours. This toy is suitable for ages 3 and up and is available in 5 different sets ranging from 30 to 120 pieces.

The sets are so wonderful for a child to create away and use their imagination.  They are also an amazing STEM tool.  Geomag Color comes in many different set designs and allows your child to build a high as their imaginations will take them.  They can use the piece for counting exercises, to create realistic science structures (think atoms) and of course building.  

We have the color set and the  Geomag glitter.

“Geomag Glitter”: Glitter and sparkling rods and panels in new fashion and glamour colours. Dedicated to those looking for something new and special containing these colours with magical sparkly effects. This toy is suitable for 3+ kids and available in 3 boxes from 30 up to 68 pcs. 

Of course my sparkly sprite always wants to add some glitter and she has made some amazing structures.  I highly recommend  Geomag for children who love to create and use those imaginations!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Kahina Prickly Pear Seed Oil

Kahina Giving Beauty   is a Product Mommy blog favorite brand.  I have yet to try a product that I do not fall instantly and hopelessly in love with.  This brand is notorious for their fabulous products and their compassionate and charitable treatment of the women of the Berber women of Morocco.

The Prickly Pear Seed Oil is for those looking for a more dense and even more of a moisturizing boost than the Kahina Argan Oil.

Extremely rich in amino acids, Vitamin K, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, prickly pear seed oil has been shown to:• Moisturize and soften skin• Restore elasticity• Neutralize free radicals that cause signs of aging• Brighten undereye circles and minimize spider veinsRicher in weight and texture than argan oil, prickly pear seed oil is ideal for dry, mature skin types. Kahina Prickly Pear Seed Oil is 100% organic and sourced in very small batches at the same cooperative that produces our argan oil. Read more about our sourcing here.  Other common names for this oil include Barbary fig seed oil, Indian fig seed oil, and prickly cactus seed oil.  Our oil is cold first pressed from the seeds and is not to be confused with macerated extracts of the flowers or fruits of the prickly pear cactus. Note: oil's natural scent is reminiscent of hay.

I think this Prickly Pear Seed Oil is perfect for dryer and mature skins.  I am not quite ancient yet, but especially after this interminable winter, my skin needs the extra TLC that this oil offers.  I actually love the scent.  There is something very familiar and lovely about it.  I tend to use this more at night because it is heavier and therefore not the best idea for my day look.  Simply put, I am a fan.  I have also noticed an unexpected result of using this oil; my Uncle Fester under-eyes circles have seemed to fade and go away.  That alone makes this a miracle for me!

Design Mom

Design Mom: How to Live with Kids: A Room-by-Room Guide is the kind of book you did not know you needed but once you have it, you cannot live without it.   Author Gabrielle Stanley Blair shows you how to incorporate your sense of style as an adult with those bundles of joy in your life.

Ever since Gabrielle Stanley Blair became a parent, she’s believed that a thoughtfully designed home is one of the greatest gifts we can give our families, and that the objects and decor we choose to surround ourselves with tell our family’s story. In this, her first book, Blair offers a room-by-room guide to keeping things sane, organized, creative, and stylish. She provides advice on getting the most out of even the smallest spaces; simple fixes that make it easy for little ones to help out around the house; ingenious storage solutions for the never-ending stream of kid stuff; rainy-day DIY projects; and much, much more.

If you are the kind of parent who fosters your child's creativity, while not really loving the whole licensed character thing (read: me) then this book will give you plenty of ways to satisfy both you and your child's style.  I like that she tells you that you don't have to hide every bit and piece of your life.  With kids, not only is that impossible, but impractical and I personally think it is a blessing to have kids and their "stuff" is just as valid as yours.  Her ideas are inexpensive and allow you to keep the home you have while making you more intentional in your design.

Our playroom is the top floor of the home (which is great for S when she has guests and I don't want a hurricane of toys everywhere), but because she likes to play with us nearby, her toys often end up in the living room.  Blair suggests that children's rooms are for sleeping and showing personality but should not be "living room", and I agree.  I used her ideas to organize toys and turn pieces of furniture we already had into fun and functional storage.  An old china cabinet was turned into a bookcase where we store her baskets of toys she needs on hand (instead of upstairs) and another old china cabinet is not a dollhouse for a slew of characters (both licensed and not).

I love that Gabrielle Stanley Blair has given us a book that is easily usable and implemented in your everyday life.  She encourages you to include the children in your design decisions and her advice offers you a way for harmonious, loving home.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Kahina Essaouira Body Serum

I have been a Kahina Giving Beauty  fan for a number of years now.  My bathroom cabinets are chock-full of this delights.  I was pretty obsessed with their Fez Body Serum and have in fact reviewed it here.  Imagine my excitement when I learned that this genius brand was releasing a new body serum.  Kahina Essaouira Body Serum  is a dream come true and is just in time for smooth, supple summer skin.

Worlds collide in the blue and white washed coastal village of Essaouira (pronounced es-suh-weer-uh) just over two hours outside Marrakech. Designed by the same French architect behind the renowned Saint-Malo port city in Brittany, France, Essaouira literally translates to mean beautifully designed. It is a village rich in culture and beauty, merging 18th Century European design with the mysteries of Morocco.Scented with a blend of pure steam distilled essential oils, Essaouira Body Serum is a fresh, crisp fragrance combining sophisticated floral notes with a hint of the exotic. Rose, lavender, herbaceous geranium and woodsy sandalwood provide a soft floral scent while petitgrain lifts and brightens. We love this lighter scent for spring and summer.• High concentrations of argan oil help improve elasticity and skin texture while soothing redness• Watermelon, sunflower, olive and coconut oils deeply moisturize and absorb readily• Treatment pump on deluxe 200 ml / 6.7 fl oz size allows for easy applicationA moisturizing body oil rich in Vitamin E to replenish and restore dry skin.

This smells like an exotic summer vacation in a bottle and it leaves my skin so soft and nourished.  It is like my skin drinks it up.  I have been using it for over a week now and a little goes a long way.  I am officially obsessed with this new body serum.  Can Kahina Giving Beauty do wrong?  Not in my book!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Suntegrity Skincare

Let's face it, protecting your skin from the sun should be a top priority.  Yet, every time I wear sunscreen on my face, I break out.  I was looking for a natural alternative when I stumbled upon Suntegrity Skincare .  The line was developed by a woman who tragically lost her mother to skin cancer.  This was a personal mission to find a way to protect ourselves without sacrificing our health.

Suntegrity Face and Body SPF 30 products use only the best known physical block ingredient (non-nano size zinc oxide) to provide broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and super anti-oxidants and amino acids to enhance that protection and help with skin repair. Our products use non-toxic preservatives to maintain their integrity without sacrificing safety or health. Our company was awarded “Champion” Status by the EWG/Compact for Safe Cosmetics

For the Face, there are two wonderful products:  "5 in 1" Natural Moisturizing Face Suncreen-Tinted with Broad Spectrum SPF 30 and Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen and Primer with SPF 30.

An all in one, "UV Chemical-Free" Tinted Sunscreen/Beauty Benefit (BB) cream that treats, hydrates, protects, primes and covers the skin. Supercharged with youth promoting antioxidants that help to scavenge surface free radicals, this cream also provides mineral Broad Spectrum SPF 30 protection.
- Free of: Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oils, Synthetic Dyes, Sulfates, Paba, Titanium Dioxide, Nano-Particles and Chemical UV Absorbers.
- Vegan
- Non-Greasy
- Fragrance-Free
- Cruelty Free (PETA & Leaping Bunny Cert.)

I do not know what I would do without this product.  It goes on like a dream, is not greasy and never makes me break out.  That and sun-protection are a plus for me.

On days where I don't want to wear any makeup I reach for the  Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen and Primer with SPF 30.
Top Rated Face Sunscreen by the EWG/Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database! Received a #1 Rating for “Best Moisturizer with SPF” in the EWG’s 2013 & 2014 Sunscreen Guides.
A rich, non-greasy, “UV chemical-free” face sunscreen that offers Broad Spectrum Protection against damaging UVA & UVB rays. Infused with youth promoting antioxidants, this 3 in 1 product functions as a face moisturizer, sunscreen and make-up primer all in one.- Free of: Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oils, Synthetic Dyes, Sulfates, Paba, Titanium Dioxide, Nano-Particles and Chemical UV Absorbers.
- Vegan
- Non-Greasy- Light, Uplifting Citrus Scent
- Cruelty Free (PETA & Leaping Bunny Cert.)

This smells good and does a wonderful job of keeping my cheeks from burning to a crisp.

I am so glad I found this incredible line to keep my skin safe.  You really should be wearing sunscreen every single day of the year (even winter) and with Suntegrity Skincare I can do that with ease.

Thursday, May 28, 2015


I have always been fascinated by the art of Origami.  I am also not that great at it...until now.  I am still not an expert, but with Story-gami, I was able to share this fun and exciting art form with my daughter. 

Story-gami is a fantastic way to not only learn the art, but tell a story.

The joy in folding origami is often found in the deceptively simple magic of transforming a single piece of paper into a recognizable object. All too often, the steps it takes to transform paper into origami designs can be frustrating.

Story-gami Kit is an innovative new paper craft kit from world renowned origami artists, Michael G. LaFosse and Richard L. Alexander who have created entire storylines around characters Righty and Lefty and their adventures climbing mountains, going on boat rides, and hanging out with bunnies. Each story's end results in a finished piece of origami, like an elegant butterfly, a jumping frog or a flapping bird and allowing anyone to discover the magic in creating something beautiful out of a simple piece of paper. Through the mnemonic of storytelling, LaFosse and Alexander make origami paper folding easy for those with any level of skill and a whole lot of fun. The unique method of storytelling makes this a great origam-for-kids kit and an excellent way to learn orgami.

This origami kit includes:

  • Full color, 80-page origami book
  • Clear step-by-step instruction and diagrams
  • 18 fun origami projects
  • A 90 minute instructional DVD
  • 80 sheets of durable origami folding papers
  • A variety of different colors
I can honestly say that though the DVD is helpful, the book is so wonderfully written, that I was able to work from that alone as well. 

I plan on picking up with little gem for some upcoming birthday parties and even to use in my class.

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