Saturday, December 30, 2017

A Story for Your Hair

No matter your hair type, you have no doubt been lectured that washing your hair daily is not only ill-advised, but harmful.  Standard shampoos are harsh and can actually strip the hair of oils you need for healthy hair and scalp.  Enter Hair StoryHair Story has come up with an amazing product that is a one-stop to gorgeous hair called New WashNew Wash is amazing and will change the way you wash your hair.

No matter what type of hair you have, detergent has an adverse effect across the board. New Wash, on the other hand, stops the damage and balances every type of hair with essential oils that act with the same mechanism as detergent (the ability to remove undesired substances), but they do so selectively: They distinguish between the good and the bad, only removing what is necessary. Everyone thinks they need conditioner, when in fact they don’t. Conditioners and masques are merely band-aids for the damage caused by shampoo. We thought there must be a better, more modern way. We needed to get rid of the detergent and that's what we did. New Wash is allowing people to discover their hair; its personality comes out, and you’ll be amazed at how great it looks. Biodegradable formula.
I was skeptical of New Wash  the first time.  I figured I would step out of the shower with greasy hair that still smelled like my last workout.  I was so wrong.  My hair was not only clean and felt soft, it smelled so fresh.  I did not even have to use one detangler or hair product to coax my natural curls into obedience.  I am a convert.  I only need the smallest amount to do the job, thus saving me literal hundreds in hair products from Shampoo to curl cream.  I love the natural ingredients, and I love that I can take this everywhere and cut my time in half.  Grab a bottle and join the Hair Story revolution.

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