Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Wrap Yourself in Comfort

I don't know what it is about winter that I love.  I enjoy the silence.  I enjoy the fact that I am forced to slow down and spend time in my home reading, writing and just being.  Of course I spend time outdoors enjoying some of my favorite winter sports like skiing and ice skating.  My skin does not seem to enjoy the winter like I do.  Isun is a company I have written about in the past, and one I have an affinity with.  The very mission of the company speaks to me:

To create true, high performance products in harmony with nature and our bodies that do no harm. To produce the most advanced, highest integrity wildcrafted organic and natural skin care products teeming with life and energy, for the purpose of restoring, rejuvenating and giving pure vitality to one’s skin, senses, health and total well-being.

Our hand-crafted, high performance, alchemical creations are made with pure wildcrafted and organic plant ingredients teeming with nutrients and inherent life-force energy kept alive with cold-processing and enhanced with energy techniques.

Isun Skin Restore Body Oil is literally heaven sent. 

This inviting, sensuous aromatic body moisturizer is made of 100% active ingredients to nourish and protect skin from environmental damage and to support repair of tissues. Phenol-rich protective herbs, calming and restorative herbs and flowers are infused into a vitamin & nutrient-rich oil base to replenish skin.

It has a deep earthy aroma.  I usually put this on directly out of the bath on moist skin.  I breathe in the scent and let it relax me.  Between the vetiver, patchouli, sandwalwood and ylang ylang, this is really an experience for both skin and senses.  It makes my skin incredibly soft and moisturized (no small feat in this cold New England weather), and I even use it on my face and the ends of my hair.  It wraps me in comfort. 

All Isun products are hand-crafted in Colorado in the company's own pristine facility. I love every product I have ever tried!  Stay tuned for more reviews of this wonderful line.

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