Thursday, March 21, 2019

Saint Jane...a true blessing

I am kind of a facial oil snob.  I know what works for my skin and what does not.  When I first read about Saint Jane Luxury Beauty Serum, I  knew I wanted to check it out.  First let’s just appreciate the exquisite and chic packaging.  I was swooning.  They had me at hello.  Then I received my bottle and this little miracle made me a devotees and a believer.

Press pause on daily stressors and cultivate a luxurious lit-from-within glow. We’ve crafted our sacred elixir with clean, organic, 100% pure, natural ingredients to help visibly balance, brighten, soothe and improve skin’s inherent radiance.
Skin blissfully absorbs the silky, omega-rich serum delivering wellness benefits as it deeply penetrates.

It smells herbal and floral and all kinds of amazing. My skin was quite literally glowing.  I ski and after a very long day in sub-zero temps, my face was beet red.  I applied this miracle and my skin was nourished and cured.  I actually look forward to this part of my skin care regime every single night.  I want to bathe in this liquid gold.  So yeah safe to say, I adore this.  It sinks in like a dream.  Never leaves my skin greasy., and the compliments are so worth any price tag! 


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