Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Between the Fine Lines

I hate to admit it, but I am only a few years away from the big 4-0.  That was once my "scary age", like the age I thought my parents were old.  The thing is, I know 40 is no big deal anymore.  I don't feel old, and I like to believe the kids I work with when they (lie) tell me I look young.  Some of that may be in part to good genes.  My Nana is 92 and you would never know.  The other part is good skincare.  I don't do chemicals, and I don't personally believe that they are the only anti-aging answer for my skin.  Evan Healy is always a go-to for my skin care.  When I started noticing a few "life lines" on my face, I started upping my skincare game. 

The Sea Algae Serum is a must for my daily skincare.  I use it at night, and I am so pleased with the effect. 

Formulated with fresh raspberry leaf extract, known for its skin firming effect, to better target signs of intrinsic aging and Hyaluronic acid, which holds moisture to skin forming a protective barrier. Seaweed, algae, and sea buckthorn berry oil combine to firm, nourish, and tonify the skin, and Gotu Kola supports the body’s synthesis of collagen, and connective tissue maintenance.
Described by one customer as: "deep yoga for skin", our Sea Algae Serum visibly transforms wrinkles and fine lines into silky, smooth, radiant skin. Used consistently it helps protect and soften the skin. Sea Algae Serum revitalizes skin damaged by sun, pollutants, and aging.

I use this under my daily moisturizer (more on that in a minute), and I love how it makes my skin look and feel.  I have noticed plumper skin and less of those lines.  My skin feels incredibly moisturized. 
                                             (sea buckthorn berry)                                            (sea algae and seaweed)

For my daily moisturizing needs, I use the Light Moisture Replenishing Fluid.  I have yet to find a moisturizer that feels as good as this does for my skin.  It is light enough for my combo skin, but feels deeply moisturizing (even after being in the pool and ocean all summer).  It never congests the skin and my skin drinks it up.  It also smells so amazing! It features organic and sustainable Argan oil from Morocco’s Berber Women’s Co-Operatives, along with Tamanu and Pomegranate Seed Oil, and is energized with Flower Essences.

(Evan Healy at the Berber Women's Cooperative)
With this two in my arsenal, I am one happy camper.  I can kiss fine lines goodbye and embrace my skin.

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