Monday, September 4, 2017

Flip Brew Yourself a Cold Drink

I am known to drink either iced green tea or iced decaf coffee all summer and fall long.  I also suffer for this because I spend what seems like a small fortune on purchasing these cups of goodness.  I was sent a Flip Brew by Zing Anything to try out.  The Flip Brew has honestly changed my life!  Yes, dramatic sounding, but so true!  I make my own iced tea and iced decaf right at home and it actually tastes better.  Using Flip Brew I can cold brew my coffee.  What does that mean? Well,  the Cold brewing means a better tasting, less acidic, and more concentrated coffee compared to traditional brewing.  Even better, the Flip Brew  is BPA/Halogen/EA & Phthalate free Eastman Tritan Plastic.  It is so easy to use, just fill the included basket with either coffee grounds or tea, hot water, flip brew, and enjoy!  What could be more simple? 

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