Monday, August 14, 2017

Sun Goddess with a Side of Shade

I am a devoted Evan Healy skincare fan.  I use so many of her products, it prompted my husband to ask if I secretly work for her without his knowledge.  She is just that good and giving the world amazing skincare.  We have all been warned about what the sun does to our skin.  It has made more than a few of us afraid to go into the sun.  I am a pale gal.  I also worship the sun.  I love the beach, and being outside.  I am also a massive hypochondriac with a history of skin cancer on the maternal side.  I wear a high SPF at all times.  I don't tan, I burn.  That being said, I don't avoid the sun, I just protect myself as wisely as I can.  Evan Healy came out with the Sheer Tint Sun Stick.  I am obsessed.
Oils, waxes, butters, and minerals - These are the only ingredients that make up our Sheer Tint Sun Stick. This creamy balm-like formula is completely free of preservatives and designed to protect and nourish all faces. Non-nano Zinc Oxide acts the sole mineral solar-protectant, bouncing sunbeams away from your precious countenance.
Antioxidant-drenched red raspberry seed oil combines with two of our most beloved ingredients — Al Amal Co-operative argan oil and Kpersi Village shea butter — to add a hefty dose of essential fatty acids, vitamins and phytonutrients. The subtle mineral tint blends with all skin tones and is only included to diminish the white cast that is caused when using zinc oxide alone.

This blends seamlessly into the skin. The above pic is to show it heavily applied and not blended yet.  It smells incredible.  My daughter claims it smells just like an orange creamsicle.  I use this daily, and it is the only sunscreen my daughter does not fight me on when I lather up her nose.  This is a product I will be taking on beach vacations.  With the convenient size it is TSA-approved and perfect to throw in a purse.  You have no excuse to not protect that gorgeous skin.

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