Monday, November 25, 2013

Tata Harper Aromatherapy for a Happy Holiday Season

You may recall my recent post about Tata Harper Be Fierce Lip Balm.  I have become a bit of an afficianado of her line.  Tata Harper explains her line:
When I set out to create my own skincare line, I wasn’t looking to replicate products that were already on the market. My founding mission was to give the skincare industry a fresh start with highly effective and luxurious antiaging beauty products that are completely free of synthetic and chemical ingredients. I believe people deserve beauty products that deliver the results they want, without putting their health at risk. As a company we seek to challenge the assumption that ‘natural’ means less effective. I’m passionate about promoting a modern, health-conscious natural beauty lifestyle that’s committed to safety, honesty and sustainability.

If the gorgeous green packaging and incredibly wonderful products were not enough, Tata Harper has also given the modern woman an easy way to take the stress away. So you have your whole family joining you for the holidays?  For some this brings smiles and cheer, for others, stress and tears.  Tata Harper has created three unique Aromatherapy mood treatments you can carry along with you.  There are the Aromatic Stress, Aromatic Irritability and Aromatic Bedtime Treatments which come in roller ball applicators.  My stress level (sometimes self-imposed) is always through the roof.  I cannot live without the Aromatic Stress Treatment.  

This soothing and uplifting blend of florals and essential oils can help dispel anxiety and stress and promote relaxation.
  • Linden Blossom deeply calms with its sedative properties
  • Rose Otto gently alleviates anxiety and strengthens the inner spirit
  • Fresh floral Neroli uplifts and soothes the nerves; can help alleviate panic attacks, hysteria and shock
  • Frankincense deepens the breathing and relaxes mind and body
I admit, I was skeptical.  Could Aromatherapy really be that good?  Could it help?  Well, after a long day of dealing with 25 screaming kids, I rubbed some  Aromatic Stress Treatment on and was suddenly a happy camper.  I now carry this miracle with me everywhere. I recommend it to every mama I meet.

 If you see a stressed-out mama calming down in the corner inhaling happily with a bright green bottle of Tata Harper  Aromatic Stress Treatment goodness in her's me.  Tata Harper has made this season very merry and bright.

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