Thursday, October 17, 2013

Natural Kisses

With the alarming amount of data coming out about lip care, women are being more careful about what we put on our lips.  Lead, parabens and even harmful acids are par for the course in many major brands.  Why do we continue to use these poisons?  Your skin absorbs what you put on it, and even worse, you ingest what you put on your lips.

The skin of our lips has three to five cellular layers which is thin compared to the face which has up to fifteen layers. The lips do not have sweat or sebaceous glands and so they lack the protection of sweat and body oils. Lips therefore dry out faster and become chapped easily.

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Tata Harper has taken a different approach to protecting your sensitive pout.  With three formulations including, Be True, Be Adored, Be Fierce, in the signature bright green packaging, you are sure to find a lip treatment that will work for you.  The Tata Harper Lip Care line is highly concentrated with no fillers.
My favorite of the three is:


Protect your lips from environmental aging with the antioxidant power of Acai and Green Tea Oils - 10x the antioxidant power found in grapes! Our proprietary Herbal Nutrition Complex, cultivated on our farm, hydrates the lips and delivers multiple benefits.

Exfoliate with meadowsweet

Oxygenate with alfalfa

Calm & Soothe with chamomile & lavender

Repair & Relieve dryness with calendula

Heal chapped irritation comfrey

I love the scent and how it moisturizes my lips for hours.  My daughter has chronically dry lips in fall and winter (an issue I also had as a child).  With  Tata Harper Lip Care I know she is getting the purest and healthiest ingredients for her delicate skin.  Tata Harper is 100% Natural and 100% non-toxic.  I love that Tata Harper is an environmentally friendly company.  I have seen the difference in only one week of using Be Fierce.  The  results are there, the chemicals are not.  What's not to love?  

I look forward to trying more from this amazing line.  I am glad that beauty industry has seen a way to make caring for our skin safe and beautiful.  

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