Wednesday, June 5, 2013

See Design, See Perfection

Summer is almost, almost here..... Can you tell we are counting down the days in our house?  School is almost finished for the year and "no more pencils, no more books..".  I have a passion for summer and heat and my most favorite thing about summer: the gorgeous bright bags!  There is one designer that always comes into my head when I think bags: See Design.  You may remember, I wrote about See Design  some time ago.  I am still hopelessly devoted to my See Design bags.

See Design began in 2008 as Donna Gormanʼs vision combining her love of pattern, her passion for travel, and her pursuit of beauty in accessible, everyday objects. She custom prints her colorful, hand painted patterns in India and has them sewn into basic designed lifestyle products. Over the years, Donna Gormanʼs fresh and innovative work has graced the products made and sold by some of the best names in contemporary design.... like Target, Crate& Barrel, and Marimekko, where she was vice president of licensing and design.

My husband actually asked me if I was starting a collection.  They just happen to be ultra-sturdy, fashionable, bright and my favorite: they fit everything!  I tend to not understand "pack only the essentials" and  See Design really gets me.  I have been toting the new Messenger Bag in Karma Stripe Navy.  Obsessed might be understating my devotion to this bag.  It is my go-everywhere and do-anything bag.
 it features an adjustable cross-body leather strap and is perfect for going back and forth to school or work. It is big enough for a laptop, papers, and whatever else you may need. It is made of 100% sturdy cotton canvas and features a natural leather handle.
It comes in many different styles and really does do everything and more that I ask from a bag.  It also screams "summer!"  

When I can be asked to pack a little less (like a nice dinner out), I grab my Mini Circle Tote, the Circle Tote's little sister.

 A great bag for few items like a wallet and keys for the car, sunscreen and sunglasses for the beach or your lunch. This 100% cotton canvas bag is sturdy yet colorful and fun. It features a small zip pocket inside. 
My daughter fights me for this bag, but I think just this one time, mommy can be a little selfish and use the  Mini Circle Tote to her heart's desire.  I am in love with the bright orange circles (there are so many other prints to choose from as well).  This baby goes with everything and will become your summer companion.

Ditch the heavy leather bags, and summerize with See Design.  I cannot wait to encourage my See Design obsession by checking out the sarongs, caftans and scarves.  Happy Summer!

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