Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stand Tall

As much as I would love to limit electronics in my house, I am secretly addicted to my iPad.  How can you not love something that allows you to pin, blog, read and surf the web?  I can often be found using the iPad for recipes when I cook. There is only one problem....I needed a good stand.  Plastic was not the route I wanted to go, having broke two plastic stands recently.  I went to Etsy and came upon TwoFeetFirst.  TwoFeetFirst is the brainchild of a loving mother named Megan.  What began as a mother making items for her kids, became a shop, supplying Etsy lovers like me with items we actually need and will use.
The iPad stands are made with thick canvas cloth and filled with rice so they keep their shape.  I use mine in the kitchen, in the living room and even in bed when I "need" to watch something or am reading and decide to be lazy.  It works!  They would make a great gift for anyone, especially college kids heading off into the great unknown.

TwoFeetFirst also makes incredible tee pees and playhouses you will not want to miss.   Support a mama and support handmade!

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