Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Kure for Healthy Nails

Finally, painting your nails does not need to be a toxic trip.  Kure Bazaar is hitting stores around the country with polishes inspired by the street and derived from elements of nature.  Kure Bazaar came to be when a momma was pregnant with her first child. She became more aware of what she was putting on and in her body.  As much as she loved being a glamorous mama, she wanted to keep her unborn child safe.  Kure Bazaar was born from this dedication.
The colors are amazing and they last!  I have noticed that in recent years "natural" polishes seem to go away the minute you wash your hands.  Kure Bazaar is amazing.  The colors are on trend and you can feel safe painting away (even giving your little ones a manicure).  Hurrah for the natural revolution!

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