Sunday, September 18, 2016


Whether you are a parent or not, you are bound to get stumped after your eighth friend has their kid.  What to get?  Well, TinyBitz founders and best friends Sera and Petina often struggled to find children’s gifts that were memorable, accessible, well made and affordable.  As the need to buy baby shower gifts for family and friends increased, they realized that babies outgrow most gifts before they have a chance to use them. For a mom, getting to dress their baby in something that’s ‘just SO cute’ to only have them wear it once can be frustrating.

With TinyBitz, you can buy kits for summer, or winter, and even kits where there are options for numerous sizes, so the clothing grows with the child.  These "Growing Kits" are genius.  I was able to review a summer set for my niece.  The clothing is well, made, comes in adorable recyclable packaging, and most of all parents adore them.

Take the hassle of trying to find the "perfect" gift and just click on TinyBitz and the job is done!

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