Sunday, August 28, 2016

Chalk on the Wild Side

Chalk on the Wild Side by Lorie King Kaehler is the kind of book full of so many ideas, that you start making everything you possibly can the minute you open it.  I love spending time outside and I hate hearing "I'm bored," by whichever kids happen to be at my house.  

The first half of the book details a bevy of chalk recipes, from glow-in-the-dark chalk, fizzing chalk, and scented chalk to chalk foam, chalk goo paint, and ice chalk. Readers will then discover a variety of activities and ways to use their favorite chalk recipes. From classic games to 3D chalk projects such as chalk volcanoes, chalk powder bombs, chalk rockets, chalk hair dye, and more, parents and children alike will be delighted by the multitude of exciting ideas. Playing with chalk has never been so fun--or so messy! Chalk on the Wild Side offers parents an opportunity to allow their children the freedom to express themselves in colorful, new ways--with a medium that easily washes away clean.

There are so many ideas to choose from.  We decided to make chalk paint, essential oil scented chalk and the large sidewalk chalk.  We had a ball making everything, and even more fun using them.   The directions are very easy and in most cases you have all of the ingredients in house.  I was like a little kid again.  My daughter and nephew were especially crazy for the chalk paint with which they decorated our driveway in splashes.  I was a fan of the scented chalk which smelled so amazing!

We even decided to make ice chalk which melted into amazing patterns all over the driveway!  You can pour your mixtures into molds and make fun shapes.  We chose a rabbit.

Summer may be slipping slowly away, but there are so many nice days left (and some of the chalks can be used on snow), so grab this book, create and go!

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