Monday, May 23, 2016

Omnifix Cubes

Assessment Services  has a plethora of amazing products to help both children and teachers in the classroom and at home.  One of our favorite reviews yet are the Omnifix Cubes.
With a connector on all six faces, Omnifix Cubes are joined in any direction to create rods and blocks or geometric and abstract forms. Students in the middle elementary grades and up can explore spacial relationships, number bases, fractions, cubed numbers, tessellations, and more. Omnifix Cubes can be used with any math curriculum that specifies linking cubes. They come in four brilliant colors and measure 2cm. Students snap flat shapes together to form a permanent cube which can then be joined to other cubes. Grades 3-12

Omnifix Cubes are amazing fun for all ages.  They are more than linking cubes, they also challenge the mind.  They make the most satisfying click as you create your cubes and as you stack and snap them together.  The possibilities are really endless.  They are a must for STEM toy learning and playing.  STEM toys not only encourage creativity but

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