Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ocean Dreams

Being an East Coast gal, I grew up spending every single summer by the ocean.  I seriously think I am part mermaid.  I love water and I love even the most frigid days in the North Atlantic.  I was pretty psyched to see that Red Flower has a line inspired by the ocean.  The Ocean scent captures everything you love about waves, crisp water and the beach.

vast, endless, the tidal force of the seacleanses the earth with each day anew.
awaken the senses. open the lungs and inhale the air off the coast. the notes that lift off the waters collect from flowers, herbs and trees that flourish near the sea. the moist balsam air of copaiba trees, a warm accord of crushed clove and cardamom oils, and the lush bay laurel leaf of the mediterranean coastline. open the body and awaken the mind with aromatic power of eucalyptus. feel the pull and life force of an unbridled ocean.

I got a chance to check out the candle, which is totally addictive.  It literally freshens my entire house.   It is also an immune-system booster (extra plus there).  I love the color and the feeling it evokes of floating on an ocean.  It is also made with natural-burning wax so I feel even better about my addiction to this candle.

A perfect night includes burning the ocean candle while soaking in my tub in the Ocean Bath Soak.  The Ocean Bath Soak is the scent I love in mineral rich salt, and it is made with 100% whole essential oils.  This scent truly helps me to sail away from my troubles.

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