Friday, June 19, 2015


Most kids love to build and create.  Anything that makes them use their imagination is always a plus in my book.  That is why I love Geomag!

Geomag COLOR represents the original 'classic' Geomag product with magnetic rods and nonmagnetic steel spheres that combine to create an unlimited number of structures. Thanks to the new platforms you can create even bigger and more stable constructions in many different and bright colours. This toy is suitable for ages 3 and up and is available in 5 different sets ranging from 30 to 120 pieces.

The sets are so wonderful for a child to create away and use their imagination.  They are also an amazing STEM tool.  Geomag Color comes in many different set designs and allows your child to build a high as their imaginations will take them.  They can use the piece for counting exercises, to create realistic science structures (think atoms) and of course building.  

We have the color set and the  Geomag glitter.

“Geomag Glitter”: Glitter and sparkling rods and panels in new fashion and glamour colours. Dedicated to those looking for something new and special containing these colours with magical sparkly effects. This toy is suitable for 3+ kids and available in 3 boxes from 30 up to 68 pcs. 

Of course my sparkly sprite always wants to add some glitter and she has made some amazing structures.  I highly recommend  Geomag for children who love to create and use those imaginations!

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