Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Tay Tea is Taystee!

I am a tea person.  I love how soothing it is and I drink it morning, noon and night.  One of my favorite brands that I have just been introduced (and fallen madly in love with) is Tay Tea. Tay Tea is a fabulous selection of  handcrafted blends by Nini Ordoubadi. 

Founded in 2003, Tay Tea  is the brainchild of a tea-obsessed New Yorker who comes from a third generation tea blending family.  Nini’s tea muse and maternal great aunt Noushafarin Saad was a celebrated bon vivant, poet and tea blender and has always been the creative source of inspiration for Tay. 

The tea blends are really inspired, and from the selection I got to try, I can easily say I am hooked.  I love the herbal blends, green and rooibos teas (I tend to drink mostly herbal and green daily).  The Herbal Infusions are made up of Dream and Muse.  Dream is perfect to lull your busy mind to sleep.  I adore sipping this nightly before bed.

For the Rooibos, I got to try A Day in Provence, which is a fruity, floral delight ( my favorite morning brew) and Tuk Tuk Chai.  I usually do not like Chai teas, but this one is perfection.  It is just the right amount of spicy and sweet and I love it with a splash of almond milk.  My daughter is a huge fan of this tea.

As a green tea afficianado (in my own mind), I adore the Berber green tea.  It is the ultimate blend of green gunpowder tea with Moroccan spearmint.  It wakes me up and is the amazing foil for a bad belly ache.  My husband and I are addicted to this one, and fought over the last spoonful of leaves.  With all of the health benefits of tea (including cancer prevention, lowering cholesterol, and boosting your immune system), you would be amiss in not grabbing a cuppa and sipping away.

I look forward to trying more soothing blends from Tay Tea.  I also dream about visiting what looks like the most relaxing tea shop and café in Andes, NY.  Nini Ordoubadi is an artist and you will not be disappointed no matter what tea you acquire from her inspired collection. 

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