Monday, April 13, 2015


My search for the perfect body and lip moisturizers is one that causes great chagrin to my husband (re: no room for any products of his on my shelf).  I kept hearing the word "ellovi" and wondered what the brand was about and why it was attracting so much l-o-v-e.

Ellovi was born to disrupt a beauty industry ruled by products laden with artificial ingredients and cheap fillers. We are passionate about crafting pure and nutritional skincare products from plants. Our aspiration is not simply to make the best natural skincare products, but the best skincare products of any kind.
We believe that what you put on your skin goes more than skin deep. Which is why we are committed to keeping our products free of anything that doesn’t come straight from nature.Our first product, Butter, is an intensely hydrating body moisturizer made from macadamia nut, coconut, marula nut, hemp seed, and shea. There are no synthetic ingredients, preservatives, parabens, or other secret ingredients.

Ellovi  is an amazing line that is dedicated to not only moisturizing your skin, but doing it naturally with as few ingredients as possible.  I was overjoyed to try the Body Butter and the Lip Balm.

The Body Butter was the first product launched by this wonderful line.

Butter is an incredibly pure body butter made from six wildly harvested ingredients (Macadamia, Hawaiian coconut, shea, Ghanaian marula, and non-GMO corn starch.). You can use Butter on your hands, face, feet, or anywhere you'd like.
  • All-over body butter (great for massages)
  • Night-time facial moisturizer
  • Natural sunscreen (SPF 5 - 10)
  • Makeup remover (try it on a cotton ball)
  • Great for sensitive skin, eczema, and rosacea

This has the lightest most creamy, comforting scent.  You can now buy it in both regular and Vanilla (scented with Vanilla Bourbon).  The price is just right ($26) and because a little goes a long way, this jar lasts ages.  This literally melts into your skin.  Skin is soft, supple and in winter weather like the Northeast is having, that is hard to come by.  I cannot get enough of this.  My daughter had a dry patch of skin on her collarbone; two nights of this and it was gone.  Does it make me a bad person that I want to jump into the jar and swim in it?

The Lip Butter is one of the few, if not only lip products my daughter will not turn her nose up at.  We have the vanilla (with big plans from me to buy the Tinted).  Vanilla Lip Butter is delicious and keeps your lips nourished and hydrated. It's made with the purest form of vanilla, CO2 extracted vanilla bourbon. The ingredients are just as simple as the body butter: Sunflower, macadamia, Hawaiian coconut, shea, vanilla bourbon, and Ghanaian marula.
  • Intense lip moisturizer
  • Excellent for chapped lips
  • Soaks in deep and and lasts
  • Made from 100% pure vanilla (not extract)
This lasts all night on my lips, and not a flake or second set of lips from licking (on my daughter) to be found.  She asks for this by name before bed.  It's like our lips are full of tiny straws and just want to drink this all day.  As much of a lip product junkie as I am, this is a favorite because a lot of lip products make my throat scratchy when some inevitably gets into my mouth, and this does not.  (I know I am weird).  I took this skiing and was amazed that I applied once and it lasted all day.

Ellovi touts that their product is so pure you can eat it, and I believe them!  I hope they bring out more scents because I plan on collecting them all.  

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