Saturday, December 6, 2014

Wee Can Too

When a company can promise that their art supplies are "safe enough to eat", then they get a big stamp of approval in my book.  Wee Can Too art makes art supplies for your little ones with plant-based ingredients.

Wee Can Too™ was founded with a mission to bring art supplies to babies and toddlers by offering the highest quality products made from fruit and vegetable powders, plus plant-based ingredients. Our products are all natural, and made from the safest ingredients without chemicals, preservatives, color additives, and are made from food based ingredients. Our colors come from nature! 
 Wee Can Too was founded in 2007 with our first batch of Veggie Finger Paint and today we offer an entire line of all natural art supplies, made for babies, toddlers, and young children.  Wee Can Too products are unique and we share a passion in introducing the world to these wonderful products that are practically safe enough to eat!

Product Mommy favorites include the Veggie Swirl Sidewalk Chalk  .   

Made with Organic Ingredients!  Wee ones, decorate the sidewalks... No Lead in this chalk! Our chalk is not made from gypsum or plaster of paris like traditional chalks. Safe enough for babies and toddlers and fun to use!  Made with Organic ingredients.  VEGAN, no wheat, no sugar, no preservatives, no dairy! 
I love that the chalk is so nice and bulky and that it is free of common-allergens that can keep parents from letting children get their art on.  The colors are bold and the design is fun.  We love creating masterpieces outside with this chalk, as well as on the easel. 

The other favorite is the All Natural Finger Painting Set.  
Created in 2007, our finger paint has become our featured product and is very popular with children and parents! Safe enough to eat, our veggie-based Finger Paints come in 4 colors! Purple/Blue made with REAL blueberries, Red/Pink made with REAL beets, Yellow made with REAL pumpkin and Green made with REAL spinach!  VEGAN, no wheat, no dairy, no sugar and no preservatives.

I love that these are made with real fruit and vegetable powders.  They provide such amazing natural colors that will keep your children entertained and creating for hours.

The season for giving is upon us.  Make your little ones happy and inspire them to create with Wee Can Too.

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