Monday, December 8, 2014

Cérémonie Tea

In recent years, I have become a real dedicated tea-drinker.  I love finding new blends that I can enjoy whether out and about or relaxing at home.  One of my new favorites comes from Cérémonie Tea.

Cérémonie Tea is Israel’s leading brand of premium tea. Established in 2003, Cérémonie has redefined the Israeli tea market by introducing whole leaf teas, highest quality herbs, spices, and flowers, in a wide variety of options that provide delightful taste and aroma wrapped in eye-catching designs.Cérémonie is a family-owned boutique company that places particular emphasis on providing distributors and clients of all types with personal attention and dedicated service. As a growing company, Cérémonie Tea is flexible and able to provide each customer with individualized solutions for specific tea needs.

Each  Cérémonie Tea is packaged like an exquisite present.  The blends are delicious and it is so easy to find one you cannot live without.  They come in loose leaf, pyramid tea bags and cubes (which hold mesh bags of tea) with options for you to enjoy.  My current favorite is the Moroccan Mint Tea which is the first Moroccan mint I have ever tried that captures that real taste of the this kind of tea.

It feels special to open one and these would make the perfect gift for a hostess or host as well as the tea-lover in your life.  With flavors such as Indian Chai, Ginger Peach and Jasmine Green, you are sure to find one that tickles your fancy.  Grab a cuppa of Cérémonie Tea and let your cares slip away.  

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