Monday, December 8, 2014

Doodle away!

Boys and girls love to draw (and who can blame them).  One of my daughter's favorite things to do is draw and create so Doodle books by Anita Wood with drawings by Jennifer Kalis have been a huge hit.  Pocket Doodles for Princesses 
offers a treasure chest of doodling prompts for every girl who considers herself royalty! Here she can create many magical kingdoms and become any princess she wants to be, from a mermaid in the deep blue sea to an exotic Arabian princess; because fantasy and make believe is where every little girl and princess loves to dwell. This adorable children's activity book is filled with creative prompts that encourage girls to name their enchanted kingdom, decide on their princess name, draw their castle or cottage for all seasons, and much more!

Fairy Doodles is another fabulous adventure full of magic.
So we’ve got a whole book of doodle activities that give you the opportunity to draw your very own fairies, elves, pixies, and other magical creatures—either from your imagination, or from a remembrance of that brief glimpse of one you thought you saw in the backyard that cloudy night last spring just as the sun was setting and the shadows were creeping in . . . 

These books are great for travel and we even bring us in the car with us.  They inspire your child to create and are small enough to fit into your purse or backpack with ease.  They create hours of fun with gentle prompting to create.

Our new favorite is the Fashion Doodles book.
Think you could design a cooler suit than Armani? A more elegant wedding gown than Vera Wang? A more perfect handbag than Prada? This doodle book lets you strut your stuff as a fashion designer. Let your imagination go wild as you draw skirts, dresses, jackets, suits, hats, shoes, hairdos, and accessories, and put together your very own fashion line.

No budding fashion designer should live without it.   Doodle away!

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