Thursday, December 11, 2014


Memory games are fabulous for developing little minds.  Let's face it, I love playing memory games too.  Choco by Tactic Games is the perfect way to play and have fun.

Fun memory game for the little ones!Choco is a wonderfully funny memory game, in which the aim is to collect as many peanuts as possible. The Pop-O-Matic die will display, whether you should pick up a cherry or a peanut. But beware of the green bug - he wants to eat your pieces! 

The Pop-O-Matic die gives the game a fun twist on your usual memory games.  The pieces look like truffles and  might make you a little hungry!  We have hours of fun playing this game and all ages really seem to enjoy it.  The pieces are big enough for small hands to work with.  If you are looking for a fun gift for the kids in your life, then run and grab some Choco .

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