Friday, December 5, 2014


CAMP Skincare is hand-crafted, amazing skincare.
CAMP is a small-batch luxury skincare line from Toronto, Canada. The products use high-performance, 100% natural, plant-based ingredients to give you gorgeous, healthy skin.CAMP not include?: ▼dyes ▼artificial fragrances or perfumes ▼ starches, emulsifiers or fillers ▼alcohols or solvents ▼ surfactants ▼ preservatives ▼ parabens ▼ sulphates

 I got to try a few amazing products and was duly impressed.  The Coconut Beach Face Scrub sounded too good to miss and it has become a staple for me.  You can use it as a mask, a scrub, and you can customize it to your skin's needs.  It rids your face of dead skin.  Using Rhassoul clay it detoxifies, reduced redness and impurities while the can sugar and oatmeal polish your skin.  Coconut Milk hydrates and leaves your skin with a "I just came back from vacation" glow.  I adore the packaging and the soft coconut scent leaves me feeling like I am actually on a beach (which I could really use right now).

The Desert Island Wonder Balm is one of those products you will ask yourself how you did without. You can use this as a cleanser, moisturizer and a decadent treatment.  It virtually dissolves makeup and plant oils nourish and moisturize parched skin.  This is a soothing balm that does it all.  You can even use it on cuts and scrapes.  It is lightly scented with lavender.  It is a product you will want with you at all times because it replaces so many other ones.  Yeah, I fell hard for this.  I am like the father from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but instead of Windex to cure everything, I grab Desert Island Wonder Balm.

I am in love with everything I have tried from this line.  Tell a loved one to treat you right with a glorious package from CAMP Skincare this holiday season.

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