Thursday, November 13, 2014

Rare Elements Treatment and Shine

It was not long ago that I was regaling you with my expression of love for Rare Elements hair care.  I am still devoted to this fabulous line and each product I try gets me in deeper.  Winter and cold weather wreaks havoc on my scalp so the El' Treatment Hair and Scalp Serum was on my radar.

Discover the "Best- kept Secret" to reversing the signs of damaged hair. We've captured the raw, unspoiled wealth of nature and developed a rejuvenating serum that has the ability to target the specific needs of aging tresses.Every opulent drop provides instant hydration and the “proper nourishment” needed for rebuilding and promoting stronger, healthier hair growth.The El’ Treatment is comprised of 13 healing elements that effectively transform dull, moisture-deprived locks into hair that is stronger in its ability to mend, repair and restore itself, simply by receiving what it needs.

This smells like heaven in a bottle.  I use this directly on my scalp once a week to banish the dryness and itching and soothe my scalp.  I leave it on while I do housework or read a book (in that rare moment of quiet).  It makes my hair feel so healthy and soft and because it is the right consistency, it never leaves me greasy.  This would be a desert-island must-have for me.  It brings back the bounce and natural wave to my hair.

For added shine, I use the Marula Cocktail Leave-In Hydrating Shine Hair Mist. 
The Marula Cocktail is comprised of a rare blend of penetrating oils that add a luxurious natural shine to the hair and deep conditioning throughout the day. This lightweight treatment features the most sought after nutrient-rich oils that include the “African Miracle Oil”, Marula and the shine-enhancing moisture-boosting benefits of Baobab. Rare El’ements Marula Cocktail was inspired by the “healing elements” of nature and offers a natural finishing touch to those looking for a daily dose of nourishment and a little extra style. 

This is the first and only hair shine product that does not leave my hair weighed-down.  It enhances my curl and has people asking if I recently went to the salon and "where did you get your color done?"  I have not colored my hair in a very long time.  I attribute it all to this magic.  I love the herbal scent it leaves on my hair.  I use this to add polish to the braids and fishtails I do for my daughter and myself.  On the rare occasion I straighten, I must have this.

I am now convinced that Rare Elements can really do no wrong.

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