Sunday, November 2, 2014

Kat Burki

A certain skincare, beauty and fragrance line has been making waves in the body care world.  Kat Burki employs years of experience with health care training to create a line that really delivers.

Kat Burki creates beautiful experiences through skincare and beauty products as well as a sophisticated line of fine fragrances.The carefully crafted formulations are faceted by Kat’s rich sensory experiences as a designer and her early Healthcare training. From design, Kat’s keen eye for detail blossomed into captivating fragrance creations and an innovative ability to bring life to a beauty line, while her professional expertise translated into integrating high quality, unadulterated combinations with lasting therapeutic results.Cold Pressed Oils, a KB 5 Herb Blend, and unique Raw ingredients, fused in trend-setting harmony, resulting in a luxury and highly innovative skincare offering.Embracing a larger mission, driven by Kat’s own passion for Balance and Beauty, the Kat Burki Brand gives You a Lifestyle of Naturally Balanced Beauty.

I have recently had the pleasure of trying some of the new skincare line and I am loving it.  The Ocean Mineral Face Wash  is a gentle, yet strong enough to remove all traces of makeup.  A skin balancing, water soluble face wash, infused with a restorative Ocean Mineral Complex (OMC92) offers an unparalleled cleansing. It removes makeup, purifies & softens skin, without compromising the skin's protective barrier. Naturally foaming Coconut Oil and saponins from Gotu Kola, eliminate impurities without drying skin, while leaving it brighter and freshly cleansed.  The scent is really delicate and works equally as well for my combination skin as it does for my husband's dry skin.

I use the Beauty Elixir in Rose Peony.  A structured electrolyzed water based skin booster, infused with powerful Vitamin C rich antioxidants (Raw Grapefruit Seeds, Raspberry & Camu Camu Berries), a soothing Aloe Leaf Juice, calming Lavender and purifying Tamanu Oil - brings bursts of youthful energy to the skin. As an essential step of the KB Personalized Beauty System, it prepares the skin for the daily treatment care.  I am especially fond of using this right before I apply my makeup.  This is also a lifesaver right after a hot bath!  

I look forward to trying more from this line.  I am so pleased that each of these is a powerhouse without all of the chemicals in conventional skincare.  

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