Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Green is Good

I always cringe when I hear parents state that their children will "only eat chicken nuggets or mac and cheese."  That is simply not true.  The earlier you start expanding their palettes, the more the child will eat.  I know some will argue, but I have seen the proof in the pudding time and time again.  Eating "green" has been a staple of our diets since I had my daughter.  Sure she enjoys the occasional nugget or pasta and cheese, but she also gobbles Lima beans and kale.  Fast, Fresh & Green by Susie Middleton has 90+ recipes for vegetable lovers.

This new bible for all things vegetable from Fine Cooking's Vegetable Queen is ideal for the millions of eaters who want to get the recommended five to nine servings of fruits and greens into their daily diet. Susie Middleton shares her love of healthful, delicious veggies with a guide to shopping for and cooking delectable meatless meals, including such delights as Spinach with Shallots and Parmigiano and Roasted Eggplant, Bell Pepper, and Fresh Basil Salad. More than 100 recipes for appetizers, snacks, entrees, and side dishes, many of them vegan, makeFast, Fresh & Green an excellent resource for vegetarians and omnivores.

Eating green is not only good for you, but so easy to do with this book.  We have thoroughly enjoyed the Acorn Squash rings and Sauteed Carrots.  I new favorite is the Warm Fava Beans (I used edamame instead because we had a surplus).  They had my daughter asking for me and me fighting her because I wanted to bring some to work!  Kids are amazingly adaptable.  You don't have hide veggies in their food, let the flavors speak for themselves.  For tonight's menu, Brown Butter Linquine Sqaush.  Yum!

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