Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Honey Tea Thyme

Winter is upon us (dun, dun, dun).  With winter and the inevitable must of staying indoors with germs, you will get sick.  For years the solution in my home has always been honey.  We go through ridiculous amounts of honey.  Like embarrassing amounts.  I think I have every tea known to man.  I was over-the-moon when I first heard about Honey Tea Thyme.

The time has now come for conventional medicine to lift the blinds off this "traditional remedy" and give it its due recognition.  ALIMUDDIN ZUMLA, M.D. AND A. LULAT M.D., WRITING ABOUT HONEY found in The JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF MEDICINE 

Honey Tea Thyme is made from pure raw honey and organic herbs or essential oils.  We make every effort to maintain the pure integrity of this natural wonder direct from the bees.  The honey is infused with all natural essential oils, or organic herbs. The unique flavors of Honey Tea Thyme are wonderful for instant herbal teas.  All you need is a teaspoon of Honey Tea Thyme in a cup of hot water and the flavor is already there!  It is also delicious on your favorite hot cereal or spread on toast.  Try one of our 19 flavors the next time you make your favorite recipe, they will add that something special your looking for.  Honey Tea Thyme is simply delicious no matter which way you choose to use it.   Along with its natural ability to sooth the throat, we recommend honey for overall health and nutrition.  Honey contains an enzyme that produces low continuous levels of hydrogen peroxide.  This contributes to the main reason for honey's legendary ability to kill viruses, fungi, and bacteria.   

I don't know how I did not have these before.  I use  Honey Tea Thyme every morning.  There is a vast selection of both Natural Flavors and Organic Flavors.  My favorites include Cinnamon, Autumn Spice and Mint Medley (for aching tummies).  They are soothing and like magic the coughs and sniffles subside.  Autumn Spice and homemade apple butter sandwiches have been a school lunch hit.  Ginger was a staple during the past few days when a case of vertigo left me nauseous all day.

Honey really is one of the most traditional and effective remedies and Honey Tea Thyme is a wonderful way to enjoy those benefits.

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