Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The New Greenmarket Cookbook

I have fond memories of trailing through the Union Square farmer's market in New York City.  I used to live right near it and was a miasma of color, scent and taste.  I grew up in suburbia, so this taste of a life beyond the city was a treasure to behold.  The New Greenmarket Cookbook by Gabrielle Langholz pays homage to this NYC gem.
Founded in 1976 with 12 farmers in a parking lot, New York's famed Greenmarket has now grown to become the largest and most diverse network of outdoor urban farmers' markets in the country, with 54 markets and more than 230 participating family farms, bakeries, and fishermen. Celebrated chefs have long touted the produce available at these markets, sourcing ingredients for some of their best dishes.
Now,The New Greenmarket Cookbook brings to life the variety, flavor, and personal connections that have made the Greenmarket a culinary destination known the world over. Following the natural cycle of a year at the market, with chapters organized by season, the book offers easy, delicious restaurant recipes from the top chefs who frequent the stands for ingredients and inspiration.
With full–color photos to illustrate the simple–yet–spectacular dishes—think sugar snap pea and whipped-ricotta tartines, pavlova with strawberries and basil, cider–braised pork shoulder, dandelion green salad with pancetta, cantaloupe and hyssop popsicles, and lemon thyme panna cotta—The New Greenmarket Cookbook is a gorgeous, flavorful journey through a bountiful year at the Greenmarket.

First, I love that that everything is organized by season.  Now that I live back in suburbia, it is nice to have an idea of what I can use and when.   The recipes are truly inspiring and always leave you wanting more.  I made the Spicy Sweet Potato salad for a cookout recently and it went so fast, I neglected to take a picture.  (bad blogger).  However I was able to capture the Pasta with Brussel Sprouts and Pancetta (before my Brussel sprout-loving husband attacked it).  The ladies at work were begging for the recipe when I happened to bring in my tiny bit of leftovers.

Food should be inspiring and i know a certain New York City dweller (looking at your Bro), who is getting a copy of this amazing cookbook.

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