Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tabitha James Kraan Organic Hairdressing

I read about Tabitha James Kraan  from another blogger who was raving about this amazing line.  I made it my mission to find out more about this visionary who is taking organic hairdressing to a whole new level.

Tabitha has run her salon in the Cotswolds for more than two decades.  The salon is dedicated to the most cutting-edge looks while using the most natural products offered.  The salon is completely eco-friendly and runs on 100% energy for renewable sources.

Tabitha created three elements to her own line which serve to pamper and strengthen hair.  The Volumizing Dry Shampoo comes in two shades for lighter or darker hair (no more grey hair powder look).  
Cleanse and restore the natural beauty and body of hair between shampoos with this natural dry shampoo which will help balance oil production and soothe the scalp.  Suitable for all hair types to be used as a cleanser and/or styling product.
An expert blend of therapeutic botanicals including burdock, nettle and comfrey blended with the cleansing power of certified organic chestnut powder, certified organic tapioca powder and natural bicarbonate of soda.
The easy to wear formula is finished with an exquisitely scented, mind soothing infusion of certified organic essential oils including may chang, benzoin, lemongrass and lavender.
  • 90% Certified Organic Ingredients
  • 100% Natural
  • Cleanses and refreshes whilst delivering a glorious scent
  • Adds volume and freshness to all hair types
  • The darker colour makes this product visually disappear into all medium to dark hair colours
  • Prolong your blow-dry or style in-between washes
  • Soothes itchy scalps
  • Remove oily looking roots without stripping the natural oils allowing the body to balance excessive oil production
I really lie this dry shampoo.  It does feel a bit gritty at first, but I use mine to soak up excess oil while I sleep and the herbal scent is to die for.

The Scented Organic Hair Oil is a treat for hair.  You can use it to smooth the hair (goodbye flyaways) or as a deep nourishing treat prior to shampooing.  

Restore, protect and polish the hair with this expertly formulated nutrient-rich and gloriously scented Organic hair oil. Use before shampoos,  as a treatment or wear to varnish, moisturise and nurture hair that has been stressed by lifestyle and styling.
With Certified Organic Sea Buckthorn, Safflower, Rosehip, Goji Berry and Argan infused with Organic essential oils of Rose, Neroli and Lemon.
  • 99.5% Certified Organic Ingredients
  • 100% Natural ingredients
  • Rich in anti-oxidants
  • Easily absorbed into the hair
  • Contains Tabitha’s signature amethyst stone
  • Devine scent
  • Delivers a deep shine that acts like a varnish to deepen and enrich your hair colour
I use this in my and my daughter' s hair to smoothe ponytaisl, and for a deep conditioning treat.

You may not want to wash hair daily, but no one wants whiffy hair that smells bad.  You can skip a washing and still smell like a dream with the Organic Hair Perfume.  I use it on both skin and hair and I adore how wonderful it smells.
Tabitha James Kraan Organic Hair Perfume is designed to restore life and energy to the hair, refresh whilst delivering an exquisite scent, hydrate the hair and soothe the scalp, cool the body if sprayed onto the nape of the neck and as a styling aid.
An expert blend of  certified organic  botanical  ingredients including white tea and nettle to enhance colour and texture, lavender to soothe the scalp ,neroli for its exquisite perfume, myrrh to protect and bergamot for its fine scent and reputation for lifting the spirits.
  • 99.5% Certified Organic Ingredients
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Contains Tabitha’s signature amethyst stone, which is believed to soothe restlessness and worry calming the mind.  It also has a practical function removing the need for chemicals as the stone blends the oils and liquids when shaken.
  • Wear on your skin as a perfume as it works and smells Divine.
You might even want to carry this one with you to clear your head during the day.  It is addictive so be warned.

I hope more shops in the states catch on and start carrying this amazing line.  I may stage a revolt when I run out of this beloved trio!

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