Thursday, August 21, 2014

Boredom Busters

My least favorite pairing of words in the English language have got to be, "I'm bored."  I can spend 24 hours a day planning activities and outings and then comes that inevitable rainy day and  we have a minute of down-time and my daughter tells me she is bored.  I used to get frustrated, and now I go into my arsenal of books.  A new winner for our house is Boredom Busters by Caroline Fernandez.

Let's get crafty! You will never be bored again with the brilliant things to make and do in Boredom Busters. The book is divided into five themed chapters: Art, Craft, Science, Food and Travel. Art Activities shows you how to create pretty pictures using homemade paint, recycled crayons and even coffee filter paper and shaving cream! In Craft Activities, reuse milk cartons for your own bowling game, turn a baby food jar into a snow globe and make cinnamon clay decorations. You will love the cool experiments in the Science section - from growing your own crystals to setting off plastic bottle tornadoes and creating 'lava' in a cup. Cook up a storm with the great recipes in Food Activities: cool ice cream cone cupcakes, delicious chocolate mug cake and colourful pizza faces. Finally, discover ways to keep yourself busy on journeys and holidays in Travel Activities, such as making a T-shirt pillow, wooden spoon puppets and a homemade travel journal.

We have kept ourselves very busy.  We have reused our milk cartons and even made plenty of hand print (and footprint) pictures.  Next up on our list is the Duct Tape Wallet and Baby Food Jar Snowglobe.   You don't have to hear those dreaded words again, just stock the craft closet and get to creating.  Kids will love and you parents can be inspired when you are feeling less-than creative.

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