Thursday, June 19, 2014


This may sound odd, but I cannot use synthetically-scented candles.  They give me a headache and aggracate my astham.  I was pretty stoked to read about LITE+CYCLE.
Launched in April 2013 by artist and package designer Kristi Head, LITE+CYCLE is focused on fostering better living through the confluence of sophisticated, modern design and ecologically sound, sustainable products. These vessel-less pillar candles integrate renewable biodegradable materials with plant-only ingredients. LITE+CYCLE candles are 100% earth-made with pure essential oils (no compounds), vegetable waxes and a single cotton wick. No chemicals, pesticides, paraffin or synthetics. Made by hand in the USA.
  • 100% NON-GMO NATURAL VEGETABLE WAXES without synthetics, petroleum or paraffin
  • HIGH CONTENT OF 100% PURE ESSENTIAL OILS cultivated and extracted without chemicals or pesticides
  • A COTTON WICK with high power scent delivery
  • A candle that doesn’t compromise your health or the earth
  • 100% domestically made
  • Independently conceived and designed
  • 90% domestically sourced
  • Synthetic and chemical free
  • 100% Vegetable and botanical
  • Earth-compatible
  • Hand poured and hand wrapped
  • Highly concentrated with 100% high quality essential oils
  • Clean and sophisticated scents to live with
  • Sustainable and ethical
  • Exceptionally designed
  • Earth consciously packaged
  • Illumination and pure aromatherapeutic benefits
These candles burn so cleanly and the scents are truly intoxicating.  I have tried Lavender, which has to be the most relaxing scent ever.  I wish I could carry it around with me.  Next up on my list: Bergamot (sounds and smells divine).  These candles are simply works of art for savvy green warrior.

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