Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Child as Perfumer

I have written about the incredible line of products created by Véronique Debroise.  I love everything Sentosphere has to offer my curious child.

After apost-graduate degree from the ISIPCA(International Superior Institute of Perfume, Cosmeticand Food Aromas), she acquired experience in Franceand Brazil within two large groups of aromatic rawmaterial companies which convinced her of the needto foster this olfactive culture to young and old alike.
The Loto des Odeurs, the French version of “Follow your Nose” was an enormous success as was “My Perfume Maker”, both pursuing this same idea of playing with our olfactory sense and which have now, along with numerous other games, become references in the game world.

Children love to be the creators.  
My Perfume Maker is a classic among educational kits. Eight natural essences or fragrances from the world’s most beautiful sources allow children seven years or older to create more than 100 different “eau de toilette.”
my perfume maker content
My Perfume Maker uses the highest quality fragrances available on the market, and many have found that the resulting bouquets are also very enjoyable in the bath.
The kit includes a perfume guide that makes creating perfumes a fun and educational activity.

We had an absolutely wonderful time creating scents.  My daughter chose to make one that was similar to cookies and one she calls "summer".  I love the high quality of this set and I also love that my daughter gets to be so involved in her creation.  How often does a little one get to create their own fragrance?!
My Perfume Maker is an instant winner and in fact, my daughter got so creative that she used that wonderful nose of hers to recreate a perfume I have always worn from a very famous fashion house.  How cool is that?!  This set is a dream for both boys and girls and is a great way to sharpen the important sense of smell.  The combinations are endless.  

Be sure to grab the My Perfume Maker set as well as other exiting creations from Sentosphere.  

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