Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Laurel Whole Plant Organics

The best brands are created by those who have a keen interest in making themselves healthier.  They create lines that are inspired by their experiences and have tried and tested the items they create.  Laurel Whole Plant Organics is just such a company.

Laurel is first and foremost a plant-loving herbalist, who naturally gravitates towards all things healing. She possesses great passion for nature, organic farming, health, earth science, and resorts & spas. It was these passions and Laurel’s struggles with her own health that brought Laurel Whole Plant Organics to life.
 She began reading labels on everything – from food to skincare to shampoo – and when doing so she quickly learned that so many common everyday items contained chemicals that she could hardly pronounce. At the same time, her mother was also experiencing different forms of endocrine disruption, as well as liver problems. A thorough review of what her mother was using for skin care and sunscreen offered further confirmation that what she was ingesting was possibly adding to her ailments, and from there a vision for clean skincare was born.

 My introduction to this magical line came in the form of the Travel Set
This Travel Set is the best way to try out the Laurel Whole Plant Organics line. This line is most effective when used exclusively. We include everything you need to get started, or to get on a plane and go. The travel set comes in a cotton zip bag that’s perfect for travel or gifting. For oily, problem or combination skin.
The kit includes trial sizes of: Oily/Combination Cleanser, Oily/Combination Elixir, Balance Serum, Almond Grain Exfoliant and a Citrus Spice Lip Treatment.

This was a great way for me to get a feel for the line.  I am in love with the Balance Serum which I have been faithfyully using every single day.  This serum features a whole plant blend of LicoriceChamomileEchinaceaCalendulaBurdock,Dandelion and Passionflower that helps promote the release of toxins, stimulates immune function on a surface level and is powerfully anti-inflammatory. A fresh, herbal blend of organic and therapeutic grade essential oils of LavenderRosewoodHelichrysum, and Clary Sage is added to clear, refresh and balance skin. Some of these oils have even been linked to sun protection.  Pale me is loving that!
  I also cannot get enough of the Cleanser and lip treatment.  The Cleanser smells like grapefruit and sandalwood (aka delicious).  It cleans my pores and shrinks them (what magic is this?!).  This kit is perfect for travel and I cannot leave home without it.   
Laurel was kind enough to send me a sample of the California Body Oil which smells like pine forest (a scent I happen to adore.  This body oil features AvocadoRosehip Seed and Tamanu for their rich texture, rich vitamin and mineral content, and healing nature. Red Raspberry Seed Oil is a stand out in this formula as well, adding to the other oils already existing sun protection properties. Organic and therapeutic grade essential oils of RoseSandalwoodVetiverScotch Pine and Cedarwood are chosen to reflect on some of the many scents of California.

I cannot wait to get the full-sized bottles of all of these treats.  Give chemicals the boot and treat your skin with the treasure of Laurel Whole Plant Organics.

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