Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ilia Beauty

Finding "clean" makeup used to be a lot harder.  There are certain cosmetic brands that are synonymous with "clean" , and one of the main lines is Ilia.   Ilia was one of the first lines to bring forth the luxury packaging with the cosmetics that you actually want to use.  The colors are vivid and are helping green beauties to completely "clean up our act."

Our skin is our largest organ, and can absorb just about anything we put to its surface. ILIA is formulated with this in mind, and dedicated to creating the purest products possible. The ethical-sustainable approach embodied in each piece is filled with certified organic bio-active botanicals that nourish and rejuvenate the skin.The quality of the product is mirrored in its packaging. All cream lip products are housed in a sleek recycled aluminum case. Each product is filled with up to 85% bioactive organic ingredients. A combination of on trend pigments and super nourishing elements has set ILIA apart from the conventions of organic beauty.ILIA launched its first collection of 6 Tinted Lip Conditioners in Vancouver, Canada in 2011. The philosophy behind the now LA based brand grew from the curiosity of understanding the ingredients on the back of a lipstick box a few years prior by its founder, Sasha Plavsic.\Contrary to many organic cosmetic brands on the market at that time, Sasha referred to her roots in branding and focused on the visual aesthetic of the line. Once the contemporary packaging was in place, it was important that the quality of the product performance stood out as something new and unique in the beauty industry. From here, she sought out several chemists and an organic supplier to create an ethical product and maintain full visibility from start to finish.

I have a few "loves" from this line.    Ilia is staple in my and most green beauty bags.  Let's begin with the Ilia Mult-Stick.  The packaging is to due for.  It makes a satisfying click when you close it that I just had to tell you I love.  The colors are gorgeous and really are suited to all skin-tones.  No, really!  They contain vitamin E and Shea butter.  I can put this on in the morning and have it last all day.  These are one of the few creamy blushes that can boast that on my skin.  I use All of Me which is described as a warm watermelon.  It looks and feels natural and beautiful.

Ilia Lip Gloss is super-hydrating and comes in amazing colors.  I love the coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E, because they really keep your lips in tip-top shape.  I am enamoured with Gypsy, which looks scary in the tube (almost Gothic) and actually applies a gorgeous deep berry.   If lip gloss is not your thing and you are a lipstick girl, then Ilia Lipstick has you covered.  Beauty editors are literally going crazy over the colors.  For the brave, try Neon Angel.  It is a burst of gorgeous pink  that needs to be in every makeup bag for spring.  It is a very true magenta (and makes your eye color pop).

I cannot wait to try more from this line. Everything has been a home run for me.    Ilia makes it so easy to become the green goddess you want to me.

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