Monday, May 5, 2014

Ananda Soul Creations Soothe My Soul

I am a huge believer in natural healing elements. I spent a lot of my youth hating everything about myself.  As I age, I realize that beauty and acceptance do come from within.  I am a different person than I was. I love finding lines that embrace that. Ananda Soul Creations is born from yoga, meditation and large dose of inspiration.  Each piece is blessed.    Designer, Christina Zipperlen is the founder of this incredible line of jewelry.  In her words:

 With my creations I intend to do my little part to inspire, empower and make you fly in the direction of your dreams. Each one of my fair trade hand made designs carries that intention and each piece is blessed in a Balinese ceremony with prayers for love, peace and abundance in your life.

I’m not saying this to sound fluffy.  I’m saying it because I know us women have a tendency NOT to feel all those things. Even though we are working against the voices of society, they can be quite loud at times.. So I want to remind you of your strength and beauty. And I’m also saying it because I had to learn it the hard way – after a close encounter with death at age 14 through sever anorexia I managed to heal and love myself through years of yoga, meditation, affirmations, art, crystals, connecting with my soul and beautiful sister friends. 

I own the gorgeous Hamsa necklace in silver.  
A beautifully delicate necklace with a Hamsa hand symbol, a Blue Topaz briolette drop and a small Citrine bead. At the clasp you’ll find a Blue Topaz pendant dangling down on the back of your neck.The Hamsa is also called ‘the hand of fortune’ and a very powerful symbol. It is said to protect its wearer against negative energies and to bliss its owner with peace, contentment and good fortune. The Hamsa hand is a sacred and respected symbol in Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shamansism, Jain beliefs and in Anatolia. It is a universal representation of protection against unwanted forces, attracting positive energies and fortune.

I love what the Hamsa represents.  It is a very powerful symbol that can be found to have significance in many religions. As a medieval art major, I love that for Christians, it represents the hand of Virgin Mary. 
I wear this necklace when I am feeling down or before embarking on a new adventure.  I really do dell that it brings about a good energy.  Citrine is known to bring about positive energy, love and improves personal interactions.  Blue topaz brings a feeling of peace and calm as well as creativity.  

I definitely feel loved when wearing my necklace and that is essentially what Ananda Soul Creations is all about: loving ourselves.  

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