Monday, April 14, 2014

Mermaid Hair

The mythical mermaid is one subject I can never get enough of.  My daughter joins me in this obsession.  Captain Blankenship is an amazing brand that is definitely more than a little inspired by the sea and all her beauty.  For me, a mermaid is the most beautiful sea-creature of all.  I wrote a review of Captain Blankenship here.  I am so excited to review the hair care items.

The aptly named, Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray has gotten lots of lip service, because frankly it rocks.
Imparts texture and life to hair,giving you a just left the seashore feel with a beachy rose scent. Spray generously into hair and scrunch to desired effect. 
Made with water, sea salt, organic aloe vera, organic essential oils of rose geranium and palmarosa.

It really does give what my daughter refers to as "mermaid hair."  As I have aged, my hair has definitely gotten wavy or what some might even say is curly.  I love using the  Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray because it not only works like a charm to acheive that beachy hair look, but it does so without any crunchiness of hair that looks like your shower is broken, like a lot of similar products.  It smells like a beach rose.  My daughter who lacks my wave, loves using this and falling asleep with hair in a braid, and she wakes up to her "mermaid hair."

The Mermaid Hair Oil  is amazing for dry ends or a little scalp treatment. 
 Adds luster and moisture to dry locks with a powerful blend of nutrient rich nourishing oils. Rub a couple drops into palms and massage into hair, especially ends. Made with organic argan oil, kukui nut oil, organic jojoba oil, organic sunflower oil, essential oils of cedarwood, lemon and rosemary.
I love the scent and for a girl dry scalp from harsh winters and summer spent on the beach, I cannot get enough of this.  It has a very beachy scent that makes me want to use it all over my body.

Days at Sea Dry Shampoo completes this perfect trio.
A miracle worker. Sprinkle into your roots and work throughout hair to mask oil and
give hair body. Beachy rose scent. Made with rice powder, organic kaolin clay, organic arrowroot powder, organic baking soda, organic essential oils of rose geranium and palmarosa.

I love dry shampoo, but I had yet to find an all natural one that had a scent that would last and that worked. This  Days at Sea Dry Shampoo  is the ONE!  I use this whenever I have no had time to wash my hair.  It leaves my hair smelling clean and fresh, and it really does absorb excess oil.  A mermaid would be proud. This is a "cannot live without" product.

I cannot wait to discover more from this line.  Every product is a revolution for natural beauty.

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