Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Violent Volcano

Galt toys are wonderful for kids who are not only creative but curious!  Galt offers a ton of ways for children to play and learn.  The Violent Volcano set is no exception.  So many of us have done the experiment of using bicarbonate of soda with vinegar.  It never stops be thrilling to watch that chemical reaction, even as an adult.  The Violent Volcano set brings that fun to life.  It comes with goggles to protect the little's eyes, a volcano, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar as well as little cardboard running scientists to complete the fun.

The including information is a great way to discuss this scientific phenomenon and we had loads of fun making up our volcano scene.  We hunted for leaves and sticks to really make it looks authentic.

It was so cool to watch is "erupt" and since the first time, we have used some products from home to recreate the scene.  It is never too early to get kids interested in science and nature, and what a fun way to do it!

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