Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Life in Miniature

I recently wrote a post about my love for the line of Lundby Dollhouses.  As we add more furniture to my daughter's house, a funny thing has started to happen....I suddenly want to live in a Lundby  dollhouse.   Lundby  currently offers two options for houses including the Småland and the Stockholm.  We have the  Småland .  

My daughter can while away her hours playing with her home like nothing I have ever seen.  We already have a few rooms purchased for her decorating pleasure this holiday season(shh, don't tell her)  Recently, we outfitted the Kitchen and the Dining Room.  Because Lundby  furniture is so realistic (not to mention the lighting!), it makes it all the more attractive for children in their role playing.  

My husband actually thought I was showing him a kitchen design from a magazine rather than from his own child's dollhouse when I sent him a picture.  Yes, it is that real!  We are now attempting to decorate the wall of "her home," and it is something  Lundby encourages children to do.   Lundby really wants children to put their mark on the homes.  So now only one item left...finding a tree for her house so she can decorate for Christmas!

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