Monday, September 30, 2013

Lundby Dollhouses...Life in Miniature

Some of my fondest memories are those with my dollhouse.  I was so into re-organizing rooms and making them my own, from my first one to the grand Victorian my parents bought for my birthday (and which I still have).  I even used to clean the rooms.  I learned long ago that my daughter loves anything in miniature.  She is not a huge baby doll person anymore.  She likes to set up little tableaux and what better way to do that than with a dollhouse.

Lundby  was created by two remarkable visionaries.
 The story of Lundby doll’s house begins in 1945, when Axel and Grete Thomsen moved back to Sweden from Denmark. They settled down in a small neighbourhood named Lundby in the northern part of Gothenburg. Grete started designing and building a doll’s house and furniture for her niece.These were so appreciated by the niece and her friends that Axel began to consider turning it into a business. 
Lundby  currently offers two options for houses including the Småland and the Stockholm.  The Stockholm is a modern villa, while the Småland is a meeting of contemporary and classic.  These magical playscapes are even wired for lighting (your kids will never get enough of this feature).  You can furnish your home to your hearts content and even add extensions and gardens (including a summer and winter one!).   How cool is that?!  

We have the Småland and when it came in, I was skeptical.  I was not sure if my daughter was the dollhouse aficionado I am.  It took me no time to put together and it is very sturdy.  My daughter dove right in, plugged in her lights and started with the furnishing.  We currently only have on room done with more on the way.  I wanted to make sure if would be her thing, and it certainly is.  The furniture is bright, modern and fun.  The families even go with the seasons.   

Lundby  encourages children to be creative and decorate their homes.  Lundby says:
All of our houses are based on the same fundamental belief – that the urge to play lies in the details. And this conviction obviously applies to the interior design, fixtures and furniture too. For instance: we were the first in the world to install electric lighting in our doll’s houses. 

They even offer fun tips for using beads and pictures your own children make to decorate the home.   I love that the rooms are big enough to really spark my daughter's creativity and she is wild about the bright colors and features she loves.  We cannot wait to add more to our "home:"  Check back soon for updated pics as we add more style and features to this miniature world.

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