Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pure Gold

All the glimmers really is gold. Belmacz is making that possible.  Using rare and exotic minerals, Belmacz takes yours face to a different level.  Aura  used crushed pearl and 24K Gold Leaf to really bring a supernatural glow to your face.

A soft pink hue. An ultimate skin booster, suitable for every skin tone. The emollient formula glides seamlessly onto the cheeks, lips, lids and also works as an effective lip balm and instant brow-fixer.

It looks so natural, but adds that "something" that will have friends and family asking what is different about you.  I use this on my cheeks and lips everyday.  I am obsessed!

Halo is just as natural and uses a glowy combination of crushed pearl and 24K gold leaf to add a heavenly  glow to your face. 
...blended with rosehip oil, coca butter and flakes of 24-carat gold leaf. Silky in texture and enhanced with a subtle rose fragrance, it melts away on application to leave skin bathed in a sensual glow. 
Combining protection with an enigmatic enhancement and rich in Vitamin E, Halo can be used over the face or body. It makes an especially glamorous yet effective lip balm or brow-fixer.
Perfect for men as well as women, this pampering preparation truly lifts the spirits. Holistic and discreetly glamorous, it's a tiny touch of happiness in a jar.
Halo works great as a natural highlighter and is extremely moisturizing.  I even feel safe enough to let my daughter use it for lip balm.  

The clear winner for me is the Glow Lip Balm in Moonstone.  It smells like heaven.  You will have luminous pout in no time.  

The Belmacz line is truly special and is bringing pure gold to the beauty scene.  I love the natural ingredients and I love the way they make me feel.  Make moms feel truly loved on Mother's Day and bring them pots of gold with Belmacz.  

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