Monday, April 22, 2013

Coming up Rosie (Jane)

Mother's Day is around the corner.  Instead of scrambling around to find the perfect gift, Product Mommy knows that perfect gift is only a click away.  Rosie Jane makes two delicious fragrances, Leila Lou
and Tilly.

By Rosie Jane is a beauty and fragrance company dedicated to creating products that are beautifully simple. Every element of By Rosie Jane—the fragrances, cosmetics, packaging and general aesthetic is consistent with the way Rosie loves to see and feel beauty: simple, uncomplicated and less contrived.  Founded by celebrity makeup artist Rosie Jane Johnston a native Australian now living in Los Angeles. Rosie started By Rosie Jane with a goal of creating products that remind women that when it comes to true beauty less is always more.

Rosie Jane is a mother and honors her beautiful daughters by naming her fragrances after them.   Leila Lou smells like spring.

This truly irresistible perfume oil is made with 100% essential oils. With notes of Pear Blossom, fresh cut grass and tangerine, Leila Lou captures the alluring scent of innocence and freshness. 
I use Leila Lou every single day since receiving it.  It is so natural and smells clean and fresh.  It is one of the few fragrances that does not bother my husband's sensitive nose.  My daughter says it "smells like mama."

The newest fragrance, Tilly is summer.   
With notes of grapefruit, pineapple and tropical gardenia, Tilly is warm sensual and delicate. Made with pure essential oils and the highest quality ingredients Tilly is as good as it smells.
 Tilly is like spending a day on the beach and that fragrant shower or bath you take.  It reminds me of the ocean, and vacation and warm skin.

Because the fragrances are made with essential oils, you never get that synthetic feeling certain fragrances can give.  Rosie Jane uses 100% recycled and recyclable materials, and they do not use boxes to reduce waste and greenhouse gases.

Give mom, grandmother, sister, or a friend a real season in a bottle.  Leila Lou and Tilly give women a subtle, yet irresistible fragrance that you cannot get enough of.  They are fragrances that never overpower, and instead, embrace you and those around you. Snap up both of these wonderful fragrances are available at

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