Friday, March 8, 2013

What Shall We Do Today?

On a day like today, in the Northeast, we are covered with inches and inches of snow.  There is no school, and my five year old is full of energy.  After the 800th "Momma", I knew I had to make a plan of action.  She was bored and I was stir crazy.  I did not have the heart or want to plop her in front of the tube, so we created.  What Shall We Do Today? by Catherine Woram is full of 60 creative crafting projects for kids.
For children, the experience of creating is every bit as important as the end result. Crafting will fire their imaginations and offers an inspiring alternative to endless hours spent in front of the computer or TV screen. What Shall We Do Today? is packed with more than 60 colorful, fun, and imaginative projects by Catherine Woram, designed especially for boys and girls aged between three and twelve years. The book is arranged by season, and each section is crammed full of ideas for fun crafts, great gifts, and pretty decorations to keep children busy during the long summer days and rainy afternoons alike. Every project can be completed using readily available materials and in five or fewer steps just follow the step-by-step instructions and you cant go wrong!
We chose some projects that I knew I had the supplies for, and away we crafted.  We were feeling a bit broody for warm weather, so we started with the Spring section of the book. First up, we made Crazy Eggheads and their "hair" will be the buckwheat sprouting seeds I have been wanting to use.  It also gives my little girl the added fun of watering her "heads" everyday and waiting for the sprouts.  We also got a head-start on summer by painting a flower pot.  My daughter used her thumbprints to make little bugs on the pot.  A cherished piece I plan on keeping forever.    We then used the extra plants we had from another terrarium project to make our own indoor garden.  I was excited to use an antique jar I have been trying to purpose, and my daughter loved playing in the dirt.

To make things fair, we acknowledged the snowstorm and made Holiday Spice Cookie Ornaments (we added glue to save them) for our tree next year.  These were especially fun to make using our miniature cookie cutters.

 What Shall We Do Today? by Catherine Woram  is a great book to help the day go by with that "spoonful of sugar" and fun.

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