Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Raw Food Detox

I do not follow any specific diet, but I like to frequent the ones that make my body and mind feel the best.  I love the whole raw food movement.  I judge it by how good it tastes and how refreshed I feel after eating it.  With the Raw Food detox book by Anya Ladra, I am nourished, both body and soul.

Raw Fairies is the UK’s first raw food home delivery service, conceived and run by Anya Ladra. Raw Food Detox, beautifully photographed by William Lingwood, will show you that you can do wonders for your physical and mental wellbeing by following Anya’s simple recipes. Using only raw and living plant foods, and easy methods of preparation, you can create tasty plates of food bursting with energizing enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. Start with a 5-day cleansing detox and then be inspired to continue with this innovative way of eating—you’ll soon feel better than ever! Get the day off to a great start with an energy-boosting Drink: try a Winter Spice Smoothie with Maca Powder. For Snacks & Sides to keep you going through the day, try Tomato & Herb Flaxseed Crackers with Mushroom Pâté. Salads & Dressings are full of health and creative flavor combinations. Make yourself a Kale Salad with Cranberries & Avocado Dressing and be satisfied without feeling heavy as you normally do after your lunchtime sandwich. There’s so much to explore in raw-food Mains—you can make delicious Tomato Quiche and Pad Thai without cooking anything! And finally, everyone craves Sweets & Desserts, so enjoy homemade raw Brownies and Berry Cheesecake.• More than 60 inspiring recipes to help kick-start a new, healthier you, including an easy 5-day detox plan.• Raw-food diets are gaining popularity with celebrities and models seeking healthier lifestyles and flawless skin.

I went through the book to decide which recipes would work for me.  I have hormonal skin and am prone to feeling exhausted after I eat carbs.  I started my day with some Detox Lemonade.  For snacks, I was quite partial to the Green Nut Milk ( a fabulous creamy boost of spinach, cashews, dates, etc.).   My whole family loved the Mint Lemonade.   We try to stay away from sugary drinks.  My daughter did not even have juice before age four, so it was nice to find a fresh healthy juice we could all enjoy (this will be heaven in summertime).

Lunches are a treat with Celeriac "Caesar" Salad (I did not use the olives or pinenuts).  My daughter has spent many a night feasting on the Vegetable "Noodles".  I let her help me make the spiral wonders and she gobbles them up.  I even got my finicky husband to enjoy to the Beet Pate and Seeded Crackers.   The color of such fresh dishes are amazing themselves, and they taste even better.

Food Should make you feel good.  It brings me great pleasure to expand my child's  (and my own taste buds) beyond chicken fingers and mac and cheese.  I love that every time she opens her lunchbox, she has a new treat to give her energy.   Raw Food detox gives us a better, healthier meal time.  We are full of some much-needed energy during this snowy wintertime.

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