Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Green Crafts For Children

Those spring vacations are coming up.  For those who are not jetting off somewhere, you are bound to feel more than a little disheartened by seeing a young child who only wants to watch television, play video games and whine.  Green Crafts for Children by Emma Hardy is the book for you.

What better way to encourage children to be creative than with fun ideas for traditional crafts using natural, recycled, and found materials? Green Crafts for Children by Emma Hardyhas four chapters, each focusing on a different organic craft. Natural Treasures makes use of everyday items such as shells, pine cones, and stones, and transforms them into boats, animals, and even a board game. Finally, in the Fabric and Wool chapter, use up fabric scraps or old clothes to design glove creatures and create your own felt and friendship bracelets. With 35 projects, each with clear step-by-step instructions, kids will forget about the computer and love to play in the same way grandma and grandpa did.

  Green Crafts for Children is a great way to "unplug" the kids, spend time together and create little masterpieces.  Each section of this book is filled with ideas to use simple household items.  It is a great way to help children be creative and environmentally friendly.

We used old newspaper to make a Papier-Mache bowl.  My daughter had a ball painting it, and she is currently using it to hold her felted Easter eggs.  She has already decided that after Easter, this special bowl will house her vast selection of dress-up rings.  

Looking to spruce up a play space or bedroom?  Make some Tissue-Paper Flowers.  They are a great way to teach kids how to fold.  They also make wonderful gifts.  We used ours to decorate my daughter's bedroom, and keep with the fairy-forest theme.

We re purposed some old felt scraps to make Felt Beads.  After we string some on a necklace, my daughter has requested a headband too.  They were easy to make and look like little pieces of candy.

Spending quality time with kids (at least for me), means one on one time where you can talk, create, imagine and have fun.  I learn so much about my baby girl when we craft.

Blessed be childhood, which brings down something of heaven into the midst of our rough earthliness.
-- Henri Frederic Amiel

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