Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dyeing for Some Easter Fun

It was really alarming to me when I started to read about the chemicals (and poisons) present in the food dyes we ingest everyday.  After my daughter's second birthday she felt quite ill after eating a cake frosted with a pink icing.  The same thing happened after her third and I realized the culprit was the red food dye the companies were using.  We made a family decision to stay away from the dyes as much as we could.  
With Easter a mere few days away, we are definitely getting ready to dye eggs and and make some fun treats.  The only brand I trust is Maggie's Naturals.  Maggie's Naturals makes a selection of six food colorings and seven colored sprinkles made with natural dyes. Children and adults with allergies can now enjoy the fun colors without the bad reactions.

Maggie's NaturalsTM is a family owned business located in Portland, Maine. Our philosophy is to bring all natural ingredients into your everyday life.
Through the use of all natural plant, fruit and vegetable extracts, we want to change the way you add color to your recipes.
Here at Maggie's NaturalsTM, we believe you should know the food that you ingest is safe, know the ingredients on the label and trust the companies that make them.

Maggie's Naturals is brought to you by the same folks who make the Eco-Kids .  I love that the dyes do not impart any strange taste (like some other natural brands) and the colors are even more vivid and wonderful.
BLUE: blue gardenia extract, organic vegetable glycerin, citric acidBROWN: caramelized sugar, organic vegetable glycerin, citric acidGREEN: green gardenia extract, spinach, parsley, organic vegetable glycerin, citric acidPINK: beets, sweet potato, organic vegetable glycerin, citric acidORANGE: annatto seed, organic vegetable glycerin, citric acidYELLOW: curcumin, organic vegetable glycerin, citric acid

It is a food revolution that makes us ask, "what are we really eating?"  With Maggie's Naturals I know!  Just look for the adorable little girl "Maggie", and bake away!  My daughter is thrilled that she can finally "eat cake" (her favorite is red velvet) with pure abandon and delight.

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