Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hard Night Good Morning

Parents do not always get the best night's sleep (3 am feedings anyone?).  Hard Night Good Morning is  luxury natural skincare at an affordable price.  This line was created by D’Andra Simmons, who has enjoyed more than a decade of experience in the nutritional and skin care industry prior to producing her own new line, D’Andra Simmons Hard Night Good Morning.  Each part of the line is to keep you looking your best while using natural ingredients.  

We love the Detox Mineral Mask.  This clay-based masque contains a combination of Kaoline and iron-rich Bentonite to oxygenate and support the metabolic functions of the skin, helping it feel and look rejuvenated.  This formulation also includes sea salt to strengthen the epidermis and Sapindus Mukurossi Fruit Extract and Malachite Extract to protect the cells of the skin from oxidative damage.  Improves the evenness of skin tone and enhances luminosity when used on a weekly basis.  It gives you the look of someone who actually had more than 2 hours sleep.  I use it weekly as recommended and it has made a huge difference in my skin.  I have to admit to loving the "I am at a Spa," feel while my daughter runs circles around me asking where her other shoe is.  

I also have lots of love for the Eye Cream.  I come from a family where dark circles are a part of life.  My brother has likened me to Uncle Fester at times.  If I did not get enough sleep, the whole world knows it.  Enhanced with Suberlift for an instant smoothing and tightening effect, you are sure to see fine lines and wrinkles disappear with continued use. This revolutionary cream also contains Lys'lastine to renew skin elasticity. Lumin-eye is included to reduce dark circles a puffiness, while Eyeliss prevents and fights bags while firming and toning the skin. The yellowish color can be attributed to CoQ10, which nourishes and heals. Other revolutionary ingredients include: baobab extract, arnica, and various botanicals to illuminate your eyes.  I use this every morning!  Goodbye Uncle Fester and hello Megan Fox (yeah, not really, but you catch my drift).  

Beat the look of the Hard Night, with the power of a Good Morning!

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