Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cooking up the Harvest

I adore fall.  I love the word "harvest"; it conjures up feelings of warmth, the smell of leaves, pumpkins, root vegetables roasting away....  You may have noticed that I the Product Mommy family is really into books that teach us how to connect with the food we eat and the choices we make.  Farmstead Chef by Lisa Kivirist and John Ivanko is the perfect blend of recipes, stories and and tips inspired by John and Lisa's organic self-reliant homestead and bed & breakfast.
Lisa Kivirist and John Ivanko, proprietors of the award-winning Inn Serendipity, as they launch a return to our roots of independence, self-sufficiency and frugality, blended with the spice of modern living.Farmstead Chef whips up a quirky, homespun tale of how we can eat well, nourish our bodies, and restore the planet. Rediscover the benefits of homegrown and homemade cooking, preserving the harvest, stocking the pantry, all while building community.From breakfasts to mouth-watering desserts, Farmstead Chef showcases the creative and budget-friendly side to eating lower on the food chain more often while taking responsibility for the food we put into our bodies – by growing it, sharing it and savoring it. After your meal, pull up a chair and enjoy inviting slice-of-life “Kitchen Table” features, such as interviews with local food heroes and visionaries transforming our food system.

I am always looking for new ways to preserve, cook and enjoy the bountiful harvest we get from our CSA and during our own fall journeys.  A particularly good apple-picking day left us with more apples than we knew what to do with.  I got into the kitchen and I was off.  I have made the Apple Pancakes from  Farmstead Chef no less than four times now.  My family enjoys them so much that I have yet to get a picture of them because they snarf them down so fast.  After a stern lecture from me, my husband let me snap this picture of the Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce before he dived in.
Our CSA has gives us more peppers than ever before, so I got restless one night and pickled those peppers!
Farmstead Chef has certainly shown me the right direction to making my home a more self-sufficient place while preserving this bountiful harvest with every delicious bite!

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