Friday, October 19, 2012

Apple & Bee

The first time I laid eyes on an Apple & Bee product, I think I literally swooned.  An eco-friendly company making accessories and skin care sounded like a match made in heaven for me.  Who is Apple & Bee?

Apple&Bee is an Australian owned company that was started by Brett Pattinson, founder of the successful natural skincare company Bod and designer Claire Morris, the former Art Director of MarieClaire Australia. Both share a passion for the best in contemporary environmental design and a belief that it can and should be applied to practical everyday objects. Both Claire and Brett are equally committed to developing a company that has the lowest possible impact on the environment, that is why we are carbon neutral. We are proud to be achieving this through our association with the internationally recognised organisation Climate Friendly.

This company was named for the Street is was born on Applebee St. in the Sydney Suburb of St. Peters.  A dedication to style, functionality and the environment has birthed a wonderful collection that takes you wherever you need to go with cosmetic bags, fashion bags and even treats for baby. Apple & Bee is a carbon neutral company that supports environmental organizations.  They have even started the Bee Foundation to help raise money and awareness about the health and importance of bees.

We are gaga over the Carry All Traveller.  Anyone with kids knows that you end up having numerous toiletry bags for your things, their things, your mate's things.....the list goes on and on.  I honestly was starting to feel like my cosmetic bags were taking over the suitcase leaving me with very few clothing choices on our trips.  We have the Carry All Traveller in Japan Red.
This is the mother of all cosmetic bags.  I can pack everything I need and more into this baby.  
Organic cotton on the outside and recycled PET plastic on the inside, this bag features 4 separate zipper compartments. As with all of the apple and bee range it comes with the trade mark logo toggle and apple and bee lining. You won't need anything else for when you travel.

My husband is super-thankful that we have one less bag to check now that I can fit it all in one.  Which, with the new baggage fees makes a huge difference!  Which leaves this mama very happy.  I plan on giving these compact cosmetic bags to a few lucky friends, filled with my favorite eco-friendly cosmetics and toiletries  
The holiday season is upon us, so make moms, dads and the environment a better place with Apple & Bee.  Apple & Bee is on the official Product Mommy Holiday Must-Haves List.

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