Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Spooky, Creepy...Yummy! Halloween

Some people are crazy for Thanksgiving, Easter or the ever-popular Christmas.  Not so for little ol' me.  I cannot get enough of Halloween.  I had fake spider webs (and maybe a real one or two, shhh) decorating my house since the middle of September.  I can yet to meet a witch decoration  or spooky laboratory bottle I did not feel compelled to own.  I am a born and raised east coast gal.  I love the crisp fall leaves, the pink-cheeked children getting candy and the delight that Halloween brings.  I am constantly trying to top myself.  We are having a small soiree this Halloween and my new Halloween guide is Halloween Treats by Annie Rigg.
Every child loves the thrill of Halloween - the costumes, the trick-or-treating, the ghost stories and the sweets! And there's nothing more exciting for them than hosting their own Halloween party, complete with ghoulish sweet treats. In this spooky new book, queen of cakes, Annie Rigg, turns her hand to simple, cute and creepy cakes, cookies and other edible sweet treats to delight any Halloween-loving child. You'll find chapters on Cookies; Cupcakes; Big Cakes; and Other Treats. Kooky recipes include cookie ghouls, gingerbread witches' hats, spidery cupcakes, and jack-o-lantern cookies.

We have big plans for Spider Cookies, Mummified Cupcakes and Sugar Rats.  I cannot wait to delight my friends and family with these spooky, delicious treats!   (pics of these delights to follow apres Halloween).

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